Consumer Information

Eastern Oregon University Consumer Information

As mandated by federal regulations, this consumer information page is provided for disclosure of information to students, parents, faculty, and staff.  Please follow the links below for a detailed description of each topic below.

General School Information

Why go to college?

Opportunities guide and workbook

The Opportunities guide helps high school students choose the right college, understand admission requirements, identify types of financial aid and more.

This free college planning publication provides students and families with important information and tools to guide their pursuit of postsecondary education. Opportunities is available in English and Spanish.

2018-19 Oregon Opportunities Book

2018-19 Oregon Opportunities Book

2018-19 Spanish, Oregon Opportunities Book

2018-19 Spanish, Oregon Opportunities Book

Cost of Attendance, Refund and Withdrawal Policies

Campus Safety Reports

Facilities and Services to Students with Disabilities

Enrollment in Study Abroad Programs and Financial Aid Eligibility

Copyright Policy

Voter Registration

Constitution Day