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Financial Aid for Study Abroad Programs

Students who want to participate in Study Abroad Programs may receive financial aid for approved EOU programs.  The way financial aid works for Study Abroad programs is pretty simple.  Students meet with the EOU Study Abroad advisor and decide on a program.  The study abroad advisor will give students a program cost summary. Financial aid will then review the program costs.  If the program costs are higher than the normal term (or multiple term) costs, we will adjust the student’s cost of attendance.  We will then look at the student’s current financial aid package to see if we can offer additional aid (usually loans).  If we can add additional aid, we will do so.

Financial Aid Disbursements

Can you use federal student aid for study abroad programs? Watch and find out.

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Costa Rica Spring Break 2020 FAQ

Financial aid disbursements occur the week a term begins (except summer term).  We cannot adjust our disbursement schedule for students participating in study abroad programs.  If your Study Abroad program requires payments before financial aid disbursements occur, it is your responsibility to arrange payment to the program.  Additionally, the Financial Aid Office authorizes financial aid disbursements and those disbursements are made to the student’s EOU billing account.  If you will be abroad when financial aid disbursement occurs, you must make arrangements with the Student Accounts Office to assure that a check is sent to you or your bank account.


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