Cost of Attendance

You’ve set your sights on college, so now comes the BIG question:  How do you pay for it?
At Eastern Oregon University, we’re ready to work with you to make it possible and affordable!

Financial aid is based on the “estimated cost of attendance” here at Eastern Oregon University. Below is the estimated cost of attending full-time for the standard academic year (Fall / Winter / Spring). Actual room and board, transportation and personal expenses may vary from these estimates. However, estimated expenses are used to determine financial aid eligibility for the academic year.

2023-2024 Estimated Resident, Non-Resident, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE),  and International Cost of Attendance

Per Eastern Oregon University’s Waiver of Non resident Instruction fee policy, students from Oregon, Idaho, & Washington may be assessed resident tuition rates for all “on campus” coursework, if they; 1) graduated from a state recognized high school in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho within the previous 3 year period, prior to the term of enrollment; or 2) are lawful residents of Idaho or Washington; or 3) were enrolled in an institution of higher education in Idaho or Washington during the preceding academic year, and attended full time for the entire academic year, prior to enrollment.

Per Senate Bill 553, students who legally entered the United States under the Compact of Free Association (COFA) treaty between the United States and any of the following countries, may be eligible for resident rate tuition and fees as an undergraduate and graduate student: The Republic of Palau, The Republic of the Marshall Islands, The Federated States of Micronesia, or a student granted “refugee” status for admission to the United States by the United States Citizenship and immigration Services. For more information, on whether you qualify for resident tuition and fees, please contact the admissions office.

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)

WUE offers students from participating western states and COFA nations the opportunity to enroll for on campus classes at a reduced tuition rate (150 percent of resident on campus tuition, plus fees).  To find out more visit the WUE webpage.  Prospective students may contact the Office of Admissions at (541) 962‑3393 or toll free at (800) 452‑8639 and currently enrolled students may contact the Financial Aid Office at (541) 962‑3550.

Tuition and Fees

Eastern Oregon University has a standard tuition and fee schedule set each year by the Eastern Oregon Board of Trustees and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. Tuition is established to provide support for the cost of instruction and instruction supported expenditures. The fees included in this category are: Building Fee, Health Service Fee, Hoke Special Renovation Fee, and Incidental Fee. Tuition and Fees are assessed each term just prior to classes beginning.

Tuition Equity

On April 2, 2013, Governor John Kitzhaber signed HB 2787 (otherwise known as Tuition Equity) into law, directing the Oregon State Board of Higher Education to allow students who are not U.S citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States to pay resident tuition and fees for enrollment in an Oregon public university under certain conditions.

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