Freshman Admissions

Freshman Admission Requirements

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education sets admission policies and enrollment limits.

Such policies are subject to change, therefore, students should consult with Admissions staff about current standards.


All freshman applicants must submit the following to the Office of Admissions

  • Completed Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  • Sealed official high school transcripts or GED scores.  Please use the Oregon GED Test Records Request Form or go to the GED Testing Service site to request an official transcript.
  • Official SAT or ACT test scores (see below to determine what tests are required)
  • Sealed official college transcripts (if applicable)
  • Any other documents required per instructions below.

Grade Point Average

  • Students will be automatically admitted to EOU with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and all other requirements are met.
  • (Must complete with a minimum of C- or better in each area as EOU does not accept D’s as passing grades.)
  • Please refer to the special admission procedure outlined below if you do not meet the above requirements.

College Preparatory Subject Requirements

Entering first-year students must complete the following subjects by high school graduation:

  • English (4 units)
  • Shall include the study of the English language, literature, speaking and listening, and writing, with an emphasis on, and frequent practice in, writing expository prose all four years.
  • Math (3 units)
  • Shall include first-year algebra and two additional years of college preparatory mathematics selected from geometry (deductive or descriptive), advanced topics in algebra, analytical geometry, finite mathematics, advanced applications, calculus, probability and statistics, or courses that integrate topics from two or more of these areas. (One unit is highly recommended in the senior year. Algebra and geometry taken prior to the ninth grade will be accepted.)
  • Science (3 units)  starting with 2012, high school graduates must complete 3 science units
  • Shall include a year each in two fields of college preparatory science such as biology, chemistry, physics, or earth and physical science, one recommended as a laboratory science.
  • Social Studies (3 units)
  • Shall include one year of U.S. history, one year of global studies (world history, geography, etc.), and one year of social studies elective (government is strongly recommended).
  • Second Language (2 units)
  • Two years of the same high school-level second language, or a C- or above in the third year of a high school second language, or two terms of a college-level language with a grade of C- or above, or satisfactory performance on an approved assessment of second language knowledge and/or proficiency. Demonstrated proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) is acceptable in meeting the second language requirement. Note: Students who graduated from high school prior to 1997 may replace the second language with 2 units of other college preparatory courses.

Alternatives to Subject Requirements

Students who will not complete the subject requirements, but whose GPA is 2.75 or above with a minimum of a C- in the required courses and who score a 1470 SAT Reasoning or 21 ACT, will be considered for admission and may be required to complete prescribed coursework during their first year of attendance.

Test Requirements

First-year applicants who have graduated from an accredited high school within three years must submit official SAT Reasoning or ACT scores. Test scores are used to determine course placement and eligibility for scholarships but are not a factor in the selection process for fully qualified applicants.  The following are EOU codes to provide at the testing sites for EOU to automatically receive results:

  • SAT: 4300
  • ACT: 3460

Non-Accredited and Home Schooled Students

Students who did not graduate from a standard or accredited high school and home schooled students will be considered for admission by achieving:

  • A minimum composite score of 1470 on the SAT Reasoning or 21 on the ACT Enhanced AND an average 470 or above (1410 total) on three College Board SAT-II Tests (Writing, Math Level I or IIC, and a third test of the student’s choice).

Foreign Transcripts

Transcripts from non-U.S. schools can have evaluations done by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) accredited agency.

We recommend using World Education Services (WES) for these services.

  • High School transcripts require a document-by-document evaluation
  • College transcripts require a course-by-course evaluation


Students who apply on the basis of GED scores must achieve a minimum average score of 510 and a minimum score of 410 on each of the five GED subject tests. For example, if you score a 510 average but receive less than a 410 on one of the subject requirements, you would not meet the GED requirements. Students who took the GED in 1997 or later must also meet the second language requirement as described above.

Returning Adult Applicants

Applicants who graduated from high school prior to 1985 must meet the minimum GPA requirement for entering first-year students. The high school subject requirements are waived. Applicants who graduated from high school between 1985 and 1996 are required to have two years of college prep courses which may include second language, computer science, fine and performing arts or other college prep electives, which may be at the discretion of the admitting institution, include a comprehensive sequence of units in a vocational-technical area of study.

Individual Admissions Review

Students who believe they may not meet the admission requirements may petition the Admissions Committee by providing the following information:

  • A typewritten essay of 300 to 500 words explaining their circumstances, educational goals and reasons for choosing EOU.
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation (one should be from a counselor or teacher) that address the probability for academic success.
  • Other evidence of academic and community achievements and service.

The Admissions Committee will review each submitted portfolio and assess the probability of academic success and may prescribe coursework and remediation activities as conditions for enrollment. All portfolios must be submitted 30 days prior to the beginning of the desired term of attendance.

Students from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands

In addition to the above admissions requirements, students from the Federated States of Micronesia are required to demonstrate English language proficiency by:

  • English proficiency as demonstrated by achieving 500 on the TOEFL, or 61 on the Internet-based TOEFL; a score of 5 on the IELTS, and satisfactory completion of level 112 in an English Language School.

New Student Checklist

  • Complete application for admission
  • Send official test scores to EOU’s Office of Admissions
  • Request official transcripts are sent from your high school now and after graduation (final high school transcript), as well as all colleges you have attended.
  • Send proof of immunization records and health history to Student Health Center.
  • Print the checklist and start completing tasks

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