Non-Admitted Students

The non-admitted status is designed for the person who feels academically qualified to enroll and desires to take a limited number of courses, generally for purposes other than obtaining a degree or teaching certificate at Eastern Oregon University. As a non-admitted student, you will be allowed to take up to 8 credit hours per academic term. Non-admitted students are not eligible to receive federal student aid.

To get started as a non-admitted student, complete either the online or printable application below:

If you need assistance, please contact Admissions at 541-962-3393 or 800-452-8639. Printable applications are also available from the Admissions menu under Application Forms.



Q: Do I need to submit transcripts?

A: Transcripts are not required to complete the non-admitted application. Some courses have prerequisites restrictions to be met prior to registration. In those cases, you may contact the instructor with proof of completing the necessary courses.

Q: Can I use financial aid as a non-admitted student?

A: No, only admitted, degree-seeking students qualify to receive federal financial aid.

Q: Will I be assigned an academic advisor?

A: No, non-admitted students are not assigned academic advisors. For guidance with academic questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at 541-962-3607.

Q: I have permission to register for courses, now what?

A: Follow this tutorial on how to log into your EOU account and register for courses. Registration tutorial

Q: How do I search for available courses?

A: The academic course search tool can help locate your desired course by term and location. From any EOU webpage search for Course Schedule.

Q: When can I register for courses?

A: From pre-registration through the first week of the term, students may register for courses within the student portal called Webster. See the Registrar’s calendar for registration time frames. During the second through the fourth weeks of the term, students may add classes at the discretion of the instructor, who must provide a signature on a Registration Form. Thereafter, only the College Dean may approve exceptions. Requests for exceptions may be brought to the Deans only upon instructor’s prior approval of the request.

No class may be added after the end of the regular instructional period under any circumstances. This means that no courses may be added during finals week or after the end of the term.

Q: How do I drop a class?

A:  A student may drop from a course for any reason with no record on the student’s transcript before the end of the 4th week of term. If a student is unable to drop through Webster, they may submit a Registration Add/Drop Form to the Registrar’s Office. Drop fees will be assessed in accordance with the fee policies stated in the EOU Student Accounts drop/withdrawal refund schedule. For more details, see the drop policy.

Q: The class I want to register for is closed or has a waitlist, does that mean I can’t register for it?

A: Some classes that are full or closed have wait-listed capabilities, click here to see information on wait-listing. If a closed course is not wait-listed, then you need to send an email to the instructor requesting approval to join the class.

Q: Where can I find the books for my class?

A: The EOU Bookstore will list all required and recommended books for each course. From the EOU Bookstore website, click Textbooks, then Find Textbooks and enter your course specific information to shop for your course textbooks.

Q: What if I am seeking dual enrollment with my current institution?

A: Students who are attending another institution, but are interested in taking classes at EOU to transfer out will need to fill out a non-admit application. A consortium agreement is an option if you want to combine the hours at both institutions for financial aid purposes.