Consortium Agreements

Consortium Agreements

Occasionally a student wants to take classes from two or more colleges simultaneously and combine the hours between the institutions for financial aid purposes. It is possible to receive most types of financial aid under these circumstances as long as certain requirements are met: 

  • The course(s) you take at the host institution(s) must be a requirement of your degree program and transferable to your home school; and
  • When EOU will be your home school (i.e. the institution awarding the degree and from where you get your financial aid):
    • You must maintain an enrollment level of at least six (one for OSU as host) EOU credits each term that you want to use hours at your host school(s) towards financial aid eligibility; and
    • The host institution is not a semester or clock-hour institution.

When we receive the form, we will process it within 24 hours of receipt, excluding weekends. During disbursement and the first two weeks of the term, we are especially busy, and we may exceed the 24 hour processing time. We will only accept consortium agreements through the second week of the term.

OSU Info

Eastern Oregon University and Oregon State University are entered into an agreement that states the following requirements must be met to receive funding at EOU:

  • You must have 1 EOU credit each term for EOU to disburse your financial aid
  • You must be enrolled with a minimum of 6 EOU credits to be eligible for any fee remissions (e.g. Scholar Award)
  • You must be taking a minimum of 12 EOU credits to be eligible for EOU Foundation Scholarships for the year

*Understand that EOU/OSU will share federal and financial student information between institutions.

Process to Receive Financial Aid at EOU (EOU is Home)

  1. Download and print out the consortium agreement form. All colleges, other than OSU, require the Individual Consortium Agreement. If you are unsure, please contact our office.
  2. Fill out the student section and be sure to sign the form. Please read through the form carefully, as it contains important information.
  3. Have your advisor sign the form. If you do not live near your advisor, you can fax, scan or email the form to your advisor. They must sign the form also, so be sure to contact them.
  4. Once your advisor signs the form, you will need to do one of two things:
    • Ask your advisor to send the form to the host school on your behalf; or
    • Get the form from your advisor so that you can send it to the host school.
  5. The host school must verify your enrollment and costs for the term, sign the form, and return the form to the financial aid office at EOU.

Process to Receive Financial Aid at a Different School (EOU is Host)

  1.  Download your Consortium agreement from your home school. 
  2. Fill out student section.
  3. Send to EOU for us to fill out the host school section. We will return this to you in 24 hours after verifying your enrollment and cost. 


Make an appointment with our Consortium Coordinator.


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