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Individual Admissions Review

Students who do not meet EOU’s minimum admission requirements but can demonstrate strong potential to be successful in college-level coursework and progress toward a degree may be provisionally admitted to the university by petitioning for Individual Review. The Admissions Individual Review Committee does not guarantee admission for students who petition.

Students seeking provisional admission to EOU are asked to provide further evidence that they can be academically successful in college coursework and progress toward a degree: 

1- Any Transcript not Previously Submitted with Application to EOU (all transcripts, including college transcripts for any dual credit courses completed in high school and transcripts of any high school grades earned since initial date of application.)

2- Personal Essay: The personal essay written by the student is one of the most important parts of the petition for provisional admission to EOU, giving the committee a fuller understanding of each applicant’s goals, strengths, and likelihood of success in college-level courses. 

Students should address their statement to a professional audience of faculty, staff, and advisers responsible for reviewing the evidence presented to determine whether applicants are ready for the rigors of college-level work at this time. The personal statement should answer the following questions in detail (approximately 500 – 700 words total, typed and proofread) :

  • Why have you chosen to apply to Eastern Oregon University? 
  • What do you hope to study and why?
  • What do you consider to be your greatest strengths academically? What examples or evidence of these strengths have you included in your petition for admission, if any? 
  • In what areas have you struggled that have affected your academic success? What strategies have you used, or do you plan to use, to address these challenges? Please provide specific examples if possible. 
  • If admitted to EOU, what steps will you take to be academically successful in your first year? Please include any EOU or outside resources you plan to use to support your success. 
  • Is there any other evidence or information you would like the committee to consider as they assess your readiness for college-level work at EOU? 

3- Supporting Materials: Provide at least two additional pieces of evidence from the list below to help the committee evaluate your potential for academic success at EOU. The greater variety of evidence directly relevant to your academic performance, the better. 

  • Accuplacer– Take the math and writing portion of the Accuplacer placement exam through the EOU Testing Center (online or on campus) and submit both placement recommendations and raw scores (highly recommended for GED students)
  • Letters of Educational Recommendation– Submit letters of educational recommendation from teachers, school administrators, and/or guidance counselors familiar with your academic ability. These letters should discuss your preparation for college-level reading, writing and/or mathematics, providing specific evidence and examples if possible that will help the committee evaluate your ability to make academic progress at EOU. Please avoid submitting letters from individuals who have not worked with you in core academic areas. (Minimum of two educational letters recommended for recent high school graduates; each letter counts as one piece of evidence.)
  • Letters of Professional Recommendation– Submit letters of professional recommendation from supervisors, commanding officers, or other individuals who can meaningfully evaluate your preparation for college-level work. References should explain their relationship to you, including how long they have known you and in what capacity, and provide specific evidence and examples if possible that will help the committee assess your ability to make academic progress at EOU. The more familiar letter writers are with college-level expectations and your preparation for college-level reading, writing, and/or math, the more useful the letters will be in evaluating your petition. Please avoid submitting letters from close friends and family members. (Minimum of two Professional and/or Educational letters recommended for adult and non-traditional students; each letter counts as one piece of evidence.)
  • Writing or Professional Work Sample– Submit a writing or professional work sample that demonstrates your preparation for college-level work. Please include a brief description of when this work was completed, over what length of time, and for whom, including whether it was an individual project or a collaborative one. If collaborative, indicate which elements best represent your own work. Provide the name and contact information of a teacher or supervisor who can verify that this is your original work. 
  • SAT or ACT Scores– Submit official SAT and/or ACT scores

Should you decide to petition for individual review, all materials must be submitted 30 days prior
to the term you would like to begin.  Please note, submission of materials does not
guarantee admission to EOU.

In most cases, the Director of Admissions will refer students who have submitted a complete petition to the Admissions Individual Review Committee for review. If the petition lacks substantive evidence of potential to be academically successful at EOU, the Director of Admissions may, after initial screening, deny the petition without full committee review.

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