Financial Aid Office


If your FAFSA has been selected for verification by the US Department of Education, you must turn in the required documents (shown on your EOU Webster account) before any federal or state financial aid will be disbursed.

What is Verification?

The U.S. Department of Education selects certain FAFSA applications to be checked for the accuracy of information.  This means the Financial Aid Office is required to gather specific documentation from the student to prove accurate FAFSA results.  Without this complete documentation, a student will not receive aid from the Federal Government.  Sometimes students will experience changes to their financial aid eligibility following the verification process.

Why was I selected?

FAFSA records are selected by the US Department of Education processor. Your school’s financial aid office does not have the selection criteria; however, many times, FAFSA records are selected because of errors made when a student and/or parent files the FAFSA.

What do I Need to Turn in?

You will need to turn in a verification worksheet and Federal tax documents (either IRS Data retrieveal tool, or Tax Return Transcripts and W-2s. The worksheet and information supplied by you is shown on your EOU Webster account at  Students will be notified via email of any changes to a student’s EFC or Title IV aid changes resulting from the verification process.


If you are selected for verification, all required documentation must be submitted to the financial aid office and processed before any federal aid is awarded or disbursed, or before a Federal Direct Loan will be originated.  Consequences for failure to provide the required verification materials, is financial aid will remain incomplete and will not be disbursed.

The verification process must be completed before the last day of enrollment for the current academic year or 90 days after last enrollment.  The Financial Aid Office must originate all Direct Loans by the last day of enrollment.  The Financial Aid Office does not originate loans until the verification process is complete.



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