Webster Basics

What Is Webster?

Webster is the on-line student access for things like registration, grades, billing information, holds, and financial aid. Use Webster to register for classes, check grades, review account information, accept or decline financial aid awards, and find holds or requirements that must be satisfied before receiving financial aid. Students have immediate access to their information, 24 hours a day.

You can learn more about Webster and how to log into it by clicking here.

We are implementing a major facelift to Banner Self-Service, or the application known as Webster. On Monday, August 12, 2019, we will update the application with major improvements to Web Time Entry, Student Registration and other widely used features.

Since this is such a major change, we will be updating the name of this application from Webster to Mountie Hub. The button in the my.EOU portal will look the same, but the name will be different. Click here to see what the new button will look like.

Click here for a screenshot of the main landing page of Mountie Hub.
Click here for a screenshot of the new sidebar menu for Mountie Hub.

We will have a tile (click here to preview it) in the main landing page called “Webster” that you can click on if you wish to return to the classic view of Banner Self Service.

On July 22, we’ll add a link in Webster that will allow you to preview the new Mountie Hub (click here to see what the link will look like). You will receive an email when the link is available.
You can return to Webster by clicking the “Webster” tile in Mountie Hub.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email infosys@eou.edu.

Jeff Carman
Director of Information Technology

Student Services and Financial Aid

This section is where you can access your financial aid, register for classes, view holds, review your grades.

To find out if you have any requirements or holds that may delay your financial aid select the following links:

  1. Student Services and Financial Aid
  2. Financial Aid
  3. My Eligibility

There are two areas in Webster that display holds. However, only one of them shows financial aid holds. The other is only for registration holds.

To find out if there are funds posted to your account:

  1. Student Services and Financial Aid
  2. Student Records
  3. Account Summary

If you have a negative balance, it means you have a refund coming. You can call or visit the Student Accounts Office to have a refund released to you.

To accept your financial aid:

  1. Student Services and Financial Aid
  2. Financial Aid
  3. My Award Information
  4. Accept Award Offer by Aid Year

Personal Information

This section can be used to view or update your address, phone number, email addresses, and emergency contact information.

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