Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid refunds are processed by The Student Accounts Office.  All credit balances on a student’s account  are refunded to students within 14 days of disbursement via check, or eRefund. 

Financial Aid funds are disbursed directly to student’s account based on the published disbursement dates shown on the academic calendar.  All refunds to students are mailed by check, unless students register for eRefund (Electronic Deposit).

For questions about financial aid refunds, please Contact Student Accounts at 541-962-3590 or email or visit their home page at

PLUS Loan Refunds

All credit balances on a student’s account resulting from PLUS loan funds received will be mailed directly to the parent borrower, unless otherwise authorized.  If the parent of a PLUS loan recipient would like any excess funds to be refunded directly to the student, please complete the PLUS loan release authorization provided by the student accounts office.

Student Accounts – PLUS loan release authorization

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