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Security Report (Clery Act)

Campus Security and Fire Reports and other required reports

To comply with the Clery Act, campuses across the nation are required to annually disclose crimes that have occurred on and around campus. Eastern Oregon University is required to provide an annual report of sexual misconduct involving students.

Campus Security and Fire Safety Reports

The annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report is reported on a calendar-year basis and is updated every summer.

NOTE: Upon consultation with the Clery Center, it was determined that the Clery┬áReport Titles below were not in alignment with reporting standards. The reports’ contents are still the same but it is the reasoning behind the change in how they are titled.

Student Conduct Program Reports *

*Archived reports can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (Inlow Hall 113) at 541-962-3635 or saffairs@eou.edu

Drug and Alcohol Reports