Student Handbook

The policies and resources detailed in the Student Handbook are related to the rights, responsibilities, and conduct for students at Eastern Oregon University. We are undergoing revisions to this website at this time. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 541-962-3635 or if you need assistance finding specific policies, resources, or other information pertaining to EOU.

Important Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations

Students and the campus community are welcome to reach out to the Office for Student Affairs or Director of Student Relations for assistance with any policy:

  • Student Code of Conduct
    • Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize with this policy to understand their rights, expectations they are held accountable to, and understanding of university functionality.
  • Academic Honesty Code
    • Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize with this policy to promote their academic success.

Please note that this is a list of our commonly used policies. To view the full policy list, please visit (this includes policies both for students and the campus community).

Navigating the Campus

Campus Resources and Involvement

There are many resources available to students and the campus community. We encourage students to familiarize themselves with these resources as well as additional ones they may find while at EOU. If students need assistance accessing specific resources, please contact Student Affairs for assistance.

Title IX Program

Eastern Oregon University (EOU) is committed to fostering an environment free from bias, discrimination, sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct. Behaviors including sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, as well as retaliation for reporting any of these acts violate Title IX and are not tolerated at EOU.

EOU ensures compliance with Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on the sex or gender of employees and students. EOU is committed to providing support to those who have been impacted by incidents of sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct and may provide various resources and support services to individuals who have experienced one of these incidents.

Please visit for additional resources, including reporting and getting access to assistance (EOU and community-based).