EOU Writing Center

Find out what the EOU Writing Center can do for you.

Welcome to the EOU Writing Center!

“To provide a place — physical or virtual — where every EOU writer can find an interested, responsive reader.”


The mission of the EOU Writing Center is to promote students’ confidence in their practice of writing processes and critical thinking and to support faculty across the university in teaching writing in their disciplines.

Writing tutorials are free of charge to all EOU students, undergraduate and graduate.

To fulfill our mission, the Writing Center:

  • Trains students to collaborate as peer writing tutors
  • Manages schedules and communication to facilitate student/tutor collaboration
  • Provides ongoing tutor development and professionalization opportunities for on-campus, online, and on-site students
  • Supports WAC initiatives with the view that writing instruction should happen across the academic community
  • Maintains an archive of resources and research on disciplinary writing

The Writing Center offers several options for campus, online, and on site students—undergraduate and graduate—to work with a writing tutor.

Writing tutorials are free for EOU students from every discipline and every course level. We offer writing support for all on-campus, online, or on-site students. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.

Writing tutors and others who are interested in writing center practices will find links to EOU Writing Center policies, best practices, information about working with second language writers, professional journals, and more on this page.

Writing instruction should happen throughout a student’s undergraduate education. Teachers can find resources that support writing instruction in their classes here.