The Disability Services Office (DSO) provides services to students who have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability, or other medical issues that affect academic performance. Appropriate documentation may include a letter or report from a qualified professional, such as a physician, psychologist, or learning specialist.

New Students- Registering with Disability Services

Step 1

Once you have been admitted to Eastern Oregon University and have received your student ID number (Begins with 910), you will need to submit an application with our office. An application can be located through your EOU Mountie Hub Portal under the “AIM- Disability Services” application. 

Step 2

Review our common accommodations and provide disability documentation or a letter on official letterhead from your qualified licensed provider specializing in your disability area that clearly states the following:

  • A specific diagnosis
  • Functional limitations in an academic setting
  • Suggested recommendations for accommodations in an academic setting to minimize the functional limitations.

Documentation can be uploaded to the application, faxed, mailed, or delivered in-person during office hours. 

Step 3

Upon receipt of your application and documentation, your file will be reviewed for approval. You will be sent an email through your EOU account prompting you to schedule an intake meeting with Taylor Smith (Disability Services Coordinator). 

Each Term

Renew your accommodations through requesting them in AIM. If you ever have questions regarding how to utilize or access your accommodations, please feel free to contact our office at 541-962-3235.