Getting Started

Getting Started

Required Documentation

The Disability Services Office (DSO) provides services to you if you have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability, or if you have another medical issue that affects your academic performance.  Appropriate documentation may include a letter or report from a qualified professional, such as a physician, psychologist, or learning specialist.

Documentation must clearly state the nature of the disability and the limitations resulting from the condition.  It may also contain any additional recommendations for educational accommodations.  Disclosure of your disability is at your discretion, and accommodations cannot be denied if documentation is acquired.

Requesting Accommodations

First-Time and Transfer Students

To be enrolled in the Disability Services program, you will need to make an appointment with Pat Arnson, Disability Services Coordinator, to discuss your needs and the accommodations for which you qualify.  Inquiry and intake appointments can be held over the phone.

Returning Students

To continue services, each term you will need to notify Lynne Tilley, Accommodations Specialist, by filling out the online form “Accommodations Request,” which can be found in Blackboard under the class “Disability Services Office.”

Temporary Disability

The DSO offers temporary disability services for students who are ill, hospitalized, injured, or experience extenuating events or circumstances that in some way affect their ability to fully participate in their classes.  Please contact the DSO for an appointment.

What Your Family Needs to Know

Under FERPA laws, we can only give out information on a student if they have signed the Student Consent to Release Information form, stating exactly who is able to receive information, and from whom.  You will need to sign the form (available here from the Registrar) and return it to the DSO before your family can obtain any information.  Even with a signed consent form, family members cannot request accommodations for their students.

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