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Accessing Your Accommodations

To be enrolled in the Disability Services program, you will need to make an appointment with Pat Arnson, Disability Services Coordinator, to discuss your needs and the accommodations for which you qualify.  Inquiry and intake appointments can be held over the phone.  It is important to contact Pat, each term to get the accommodations you need in a timely manner.  This can be done by contacting Pat Arnson, at 541-962-3081, or, to discuss your needs or set up an appointment to come see her.  The Accommodations Specialist can also schedule appointments for Pat, at 541-962-3235, or

Here are the types of accommodations that we provide to students.

The types of accommodations you qualify for depend on your documentation.

You are to notify your professor/instructor at least three days in advance of each test and to complete a testing form in the DSO Testing Lab, Loso 236 at least three days prior to your test as well. When you complete the form, make sure that you allow enough time for the DSO to request and receive your test from your professor/instructor, and to assign you a testing room. Also include any other accommodations that you need during testing such as a reader or scribe. You can also email the DSO to schedule a test at If you want to take your test at a different time than when it is being given in class, you need to have your instructor’s permission to change your testing date and/or time.

If you are having difficulty completing your assignments on the day and time that they are due because of a reason related to your disability, please contact your professor/instructor (IN ADVANCE OF THE DUE DATE) to discuss your situation and determine if an extended deadline may be a reasonable accommodation.

As the end of the term approaches and your disability or an emergency has made it impossible for you to complete your course on time, you need to contact your professor/instructor to discuss requesting an incomplete until you are able to finish the course. (Incomplete’s are considered when the majority of the course has been finished and a plan has been submitted on how to complete the remainder of the work at a time past the end of the term.)

Please contact your professor/instructor to discuss alternative ways to successfully complete assignments that require group participation or in front of class presentations.

This student may use a four (4) function calculator for all exams and in-class assignments.

Please be aware that it is difficult for your professor/instructor to provide more time for their discussion boards in online classes because once the discussion board is taken down it is impossible to reconstruct the same learning experience. This is why extended time for online discussion boards is considered an unreasonable accommodation. If you have a disability issue that has interfered with your completing a discussion board, please contact your professor/instructor to discuss an alternative way to learn the information you need for your class.

Due to your disability, If you need to take periodic breaks during class, please contact your professor/instructor regarding missed assignments, course information, or tests.

Due to your disability you may experience periodic absences from your course. When that happens, you need to contact your professor/instructor to make arrangements for making up any missed course assignments or tests.

You are to negotiate with your professor/instructor to create a reasonable and agreed upon set of information to utilize during tests. You may contact the DSO for further memory aids details or suggestions (541-962-3235).

Before you record in any of your classes, please discuss with your professor/instructor your disability accommodation which qualifies you to record your classes for study purposes.

Before you use your laptop in your classes, please discuss with your professor /instructor your disability accommodation which qualifies you to use your laptop for taking notes in class.

The DSO will contact you (be sure to check your EOU email on a regular basis) with your tutor’s/mentor’s/study partner information including how to contact them. It is your responsibility to email or phone them to set up your meetings during the term. If you are unable to get a response from them, please let Disability Services know immediately so that they can make sure you are receiving this accommodation. If you need to work with your tutor/mentor/study partner more than 3 hours a week, you must get an approval from the Disability Services Office (DSO).

The DSO will contact your professors and see if they have any material that can be transcribed from their classes. If so, the DSO will transcribe that and provide it to you in a timely manner.

Notes from the classes that you need will be available to you in two ways; you can pick up a hard copy in LH 236, the DSO testing room, in the notes filing drawer. If you prefer, we can also send the notes to you via email. If you are not receiving the notes you need at any point during the term, please contact the Accommodations Specialist by phone, 541-962-3235, or via email at

If you qualify for a reader and/or scribe during tests, make sure that you include this accommodation in your completed test form that you turn in to the Disability Services Office. The DSO will assign a person to work with you if you qualify for a reader and/or scribe for assignments. You will receive their contact information and it is your responsibility to contact them to set up meeting times.

You must submit a completed Publisher’s Alternative Text Permission Form to the DSO (which has been emailed to you) before you will be given access to your alternative text. When the DSO receives your Alternative Text Permission Form, they will send you an email with the file and instructions on how to access your audio text. If you have difficulty with this accommodation, immediately contact the DSO by phone, 541-962-3235; or email

Remember that the alternative format agreement has to be signed every term

before you receive your text.

“Alternative Format Agreement” that has to be signed every term is available here in printable version.

“Alternative Format Agreement” that has to be signed every term is available here as an online form.


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