Disability Program Testing Services

Test Pick Up

– We can pick up the exam from the professor’s/instructor’s office
– Instructors/Professors can drop off the exam to the Accommodations Specialist in the Learning Center (LH 234)
– Tests can be sent via email to dsotesting@eou.edu.

If you are planning on sending an exam through campus mail, please send it at least 72 hours in advance of the date of the test.

Test Delivery

Tests will be delivered within an hour of the student finishing them.

Test will be delivered to faculty/instructor offices. If the professor/instructor is not there during delivery, the test will be slid under the office door or left in the appropriate mailbox. If needed, alternative arrangements can be made in regards to pick up and/or delivery of tests. Faculty/Instructors must communicate with the Disability Services Program to make these arrangements prior to the day of the test. They can do so by emailing dsotesting@eou.edu, or calling 1-541-962-3235.


Students that utilize our services are able to take their tests in a private testing room. We ask that testing appointments are scheduled at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that the student taking the exam will be able to take their test in a quiet, distraction-free space. If the test is scheduled less than 24 hours in advance, the student may not get a totally distraction-free space to take their test in.

We have three, single occupancy style testing rooms that are primarily used for students taking exams. While these rooms are not in use for testing, any student can come and use the space as a quiet study area. The Disability Program also has a conference style room that is used during heavy testing times, and can fit up to three testers and a proctor at a time. During finals week, we branch out and utilize some of the classes in Loso Hall to host test takers.