What can EOU’s Disability Services Office do for me?

We provide reasonable accommodations on an individual basis each term according to the courses in which you are enrolled.  You will need to contact us each term and let us know what accommodations you will need.  This can be done by contacting Pat Arnson, at 541-962-3081, or, to discuss your needs or set up an appointment to come see her.  The Accommodations Specialist can also schedule appointments for Pat, at 541-962-3235, or

Alternative Texts

Alternative texts are available in several formats depending on what works the best for you.   These include the Read Out Loud software and digital copies of your text.  If you need MP3 files, the text can be made available in this format as well.  You can also use your own software, such as Kurzwell, Zoom Text, or Adobe.

Assistive Technology Software Programs

The Assistive Technology Lab is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and is located in the Disability Services Office, Loso Hall 236.  After-hours appointments are available upon request.

A staff member of the Disability Services Office will assist you with mastering the software listed below.  You can use or be trained on this technology by setting up an appointment with the Accommodations Specialist.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice-recognition program that transcribes words spoken into a microphone into a Word document.
  • Kurzweil 3000 will scan a textbook and read it out loud.  The reading speed can be adjusted to adapt to the needs of each student.
  • Read Out Loud is a screen-reading program that will read the content of any file or webpage aloud in a voice that is easy to understand.

There are also larger monitors on several of the PC’s, and an FM loop for hearing impaired students.

Extended Testing Time

Instructors will receive an e-mail stating the eligibility for extended testing, assignment times, or any accommodation that could affect the classroom.  You will need to notify the instructor each time you decide to use your extended testing time.  The DSO has a distraction-free testing space available.  Please schedule your test 2-3 days in advance; this will be given at the same time as the classroom exam.  If an alternate time is needed due to class conflict, you will need to get approval from your instructor.


If you qualify for this accommodation, you will be provided with notes through Google Drive.  The note-taker scans and posts their notes, daily after class, to a folder in Google Drive that is available to the note taker and all students that are eligible for notes in that class.  You may not be the only person receiving notes for your class, so please do not delete them from the folder.

Tutors/Study Partners

Tutors and study partners are students that work individually with the you to help keep you on track in class, up-to-date on homework, and to study for exams.  Tutors are students who have previously taken the class and received a “B” or better in it.  Study partners are students who are currently in the class and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.   Once a tutor or study partner has been hired to work with you, the DSO will send you an e-mail with their contact information so that you can get together with them.



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