Resources for Faculty

Resources for Faculty

Faculty Responsibilities

Campus compliance with the ADA is a shared responsibility, and faculty members play an important role in an institution’s efforts to provide equal access to participate in postsecondary education without discrimination.  For faculty members, providing reasonable accommodations or auxiliary aids and services is one way to prevent discrimination.  The Disability Service Office (DSO) staff consults with faculty members about the best way to meet a student’s academic accommodations in a particular course.

Providing equal access to disabled students is a collaborative effort in which the faculty member has the following responsibilities:

  • Respecting students’ right to privacy by maintaining confidentiality
  • Remaining discreet by never discussing student’s disability or need for accommodations in front of other students
  • Meeting with students to discuss their learning needs
  • Working with the DSO staff in providing accommodations
  • Implementing the accommodations as outlined by the DSO

Students with invisible disabilities may hesitate to identify themselves early in the term for fear of being challenged about their disability needs.  Being sensitive to this issue is an important factor in supporting their educational success.

We also encourage you to mention DSO services in your syllabus for students with disabilities.  Here is one possible example of a statement you could include:

“Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation for any type of disability, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours or contact the Disability Services Office in Loso 236,” Pat Arnson, Disability Services Coordinator

Phone:  1-541-962-3235


A student may choose to tell you about their disability, but you cannot request the information from the student.  Please keep in mind that students with invisible disabilities may hesitate to identify themselves early in the term for fear of being challenged about their disability needs.  Access to the confidential documentation and all accommodations must come through the DSO, as per the ADA.


Accommodations are alterations or services which allow the student to participate on an equal basis with peers in class.  Accommodations are not intended to require you to compromise academic standards when evaluating academic performance.

For your students who qualify for extended time for assignments, you will receive an e-mail stating the specific conditions of the accommodation.  If your student wants to use this accommodation, they will contact you before the assignment is due to discuss an appropriate alternative deadline.

Accommodations such as tutors, study partners, note takers or others that do not affect your class time will be handled between the DSO and the student.  We encourage students to communicate with their professors about their accommodations that affect your classroom.  If you feel that a student would benefit from extra help, you can contact Pat Arnson, at 541-962-3081, or with your concerns.

Note-takers are hired and paid by the DSO.  You may be contacted to recommend someone in your class to take notes.

Accomodation requests must come through the DSO.  Your student can tell you what accommodations they will need, but you must hear from the DSO before accommodating them.

Testing Accommodations

For your students who qualify for a testing accommodation, you will receive an e-mail stating the specific conditions of the accommodation.  If your student wants to use their alternative testing arrangements, they will contact you approximately three days before the test.

Please deliver the test to the DSO the day before each exam in person, by campus mail, or by e-mail at  A locked drop box is available for hard-copy exams delivered to the DSO after office hours.

It is the student’s responsibility to sign up with the DSO at least 2-3 days before each exam.  The DSO schedules exams from 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.  If the student does not schedule in advance or there are space/time restraints in the DSO testing center, the DSO may not be able to provide him/her with accommodations at the time of your exam.

The DSO will contact you to discuss the best way to return the test to you after the student has completed it.


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