Find a Writing Tutor


The Writing Center offers several options for working with a writing tutor:

For On Campus Students Only

Writing tutors are available to work with students during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Scheduled daytime appointments are available from Thursday of Week 1 through Friday of Week 10. Drop-In tutoring provides students with additional opportunities to work with writing tutors during daytime and evening hours.

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For Online and On-Site Students Only

The Writing Center provides online students access to writing tutoring through two programs: eTutoring and Synchronous Online Tutoring-Writing (SOT-Writing). Both are available year-round.

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For Graduate Students Only

Graduate students who are interested in scheduling a tutorial online can submit a paper to eTutoring or contact the Writing Center Director at for special arrangements. Click on Graduate Students How To for information about tagging your submission.

Blue Slip Policy

Any student who works with a writing tutor in the Writing Center can request a Blue Slip. The Blue Slip can be given to a professor to show that they have worked with a writing tutor. (WR 115 students are required to submit six Blue Slips with the final portfolio. For more information, consult your instructor or WR 115 syllabus.)

Below are some guidelines to make the system run smoothly:

1) Students are in charge of asking tutors for Blue Slips. It is not the writing tutor’s responsibility to offer them.

2) Students must ask for a Blue Slip at the end of each session. Tutors will not give out Blue Slips all at once at the end of the term if a student has forgotten to ask for them.

3) Tutors may complete only one Blue Slip per tutoring session.

4) If students bring several papers to a session, they will not receive a Blue Slip for each paper, but rather one per session.

5) Students can receive one Blue Slip per evening during Drop-In Hours after working with a writing tutor for at least 15 minutes. Time available for each student at Drop-In will depend upon the number of students in line waiting for tutoring.

6) A tutor can refuse to give a Blue Slip to a student who is not actively participating in a session.

What Writing Tutors Do

Writing Tutors will give you feedback on:

  • thesis, focus, and audience
  • organization
  • development
  • using and documenting sources
  • finding writing resources
  • writing in any discipline
  • identifying and correcting patterns of error

Writing Tutors will not:

  • edit
  • correct
  • proofread
  • rewrite your paper

How to find a Math Tutor, Group Study, or Individual Session

The Learning Center supports student learning in many ways. To find out more about the Math Lab and Group Study schedules, or to schedule an appointment to meet with a tutor for an Individual Session for a specific subject, click here and select the appropriate schedule from the drop-down list.