Common Forms

Complaint Form

If you feel that your experience at the university and a member of its community has been hindered or impacted due to ongoing circumstances, we encourage you to complete this form to connect with members of our staff:

Housing Petition Form

Exceptions to this requirement must be requested by the petition: Petition for Waiver from Live-In Requirement Questions regarding this process should be directed to EXCEPTIONS to EOU Live-in Requirements

All admitted first-year students who enroll at EOU within one year of high school graduation for 8 credits or more regardless of class standing MUST live on campus for the full academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring terms). Students beginning Winter or Spring terms must live on campus for the remainder of the academic year.

  • Living with parents, legal guardian, grandparents, or brother/sister within the Union County boundaries.
  • Marriage or a registered domestic partnership/civil union.
  • Enrolled in an academic program that is housed outside Union County or requires students to live out of the area.
  • Have a dependent that is living with you.

MMR Vaccination Requirement

The state of Oregon requires students attending courses in person to verify vaccination of Mumps, Measles, and Rubella. If you have not already done so, please complete the MMR verification form.

Off-Campus Food Request

Please complete the Off-Campus Food Request form if you have attempted to coordinate with Dining Services/Sodexo and do not feel your event’s needs will be met.

Student Travel

For all forms and information on how to complete them, please visit us at

Suspected Academic Dishonesty

FACULTY USE ONLY: Report of Suspected Academic Misconduct (Note: Requires EOU login to be active to fill out this form)

Title IX