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Useful Resources for Students

Academic Honesty Code: (see policy listed with this title):  https://www.eou.edu/policy/pandp/

Campus Safety and Security (includes active shooter information): https://www.eou.edu/safety-security/

Campus Security and Fire Safety Reports (Annual):  https://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/security-report/

Code of Conduct: https://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/code-of-conduct/

  • (includes Hearing Procedures)
  • A “hearing” is conducted through the student conduct programand encompasses violations of the Student Code of Conduct, including such behavior as academic dishonesty, disruptive behavior, and email policy infractions (basically, a faculty/staff/student versus a student).)

Complaint and Grievance Procedures:  https://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/grievance/

  • A “grievance” is the process used when a student has a complaint/grievance about a grade, a faculty member, the institution, etc.

Disability Services Website: https://www.eou.edu/disability/

Drug and Alcohol Reports (Biennial): https://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/security-report/

FERPA (Records Privacy) (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act): https://www.eou.edu/registrar/recordsprivacypolicyferpa/

Resources Directory  (Open this link)

Sexual Health & Misconduct Resourceshttps://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/sex-matters/

Student Handbook: https://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/student-handbook/

Student Health Insurance (for International Students): https://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/health-insurance/

Student Group Travel Packethttps://www.eou.edu/student-affairs/student-travel/

Veterans Informationhttps://eou.edu/veterans

If you need additional assistance, please call us:

Office of Student Affairs
Lacy Karpilo, Ph.D., Vice President of Student Affairs
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Relations
Colleen Dunne-Cascio
Counseling Center
Dr. Marianne Weaver mweaver@eou.edu
Dr. Adam Lotfi alotfi@eou.edu
Student Health Center
Corner of “L” Avenue & 6th Street
Disability Services, 541-962-3081
Pat Arnson
Title IX Privileged Campus Advocate
Zabel Hall 113