Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

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Absence from Classes

Academic Freedom

Academic Honesty Code

Academic Standing Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Accident Reports

Add, Drop, Withdrawal Policy

Admin Faculty Celebrated Career Honor Policy

Advertising Policy

Affirmative Action Policy 2013-2015

Animal Subjects

Animals on Campus Policy

Appointment of Faculty Emeriti Statuses Policy



Background Policy

Benefit and Retirement Programs



Campus Solicitation

Campus Weapons Policy

Change Fund Policy

Class Visitors Policy

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Conduct of Classes

Consensual Relationship Policy

Copyright and File Sharing Penalties

Course Scheduling

Criminal Background Check Policy

Crisis and Issues Management Policy

Curriculum Development 



Data Center Access Policy

Disbursement Policy

Disposal of Information Technology Equipment

Dual Career Policy



Educational/Developmental Policy

Electronic Commerce and Customer Privacy Policy

E-Mail Retention Policy

E-Mail Use Policy

Emeriti Policy

Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy

English Proficiency Policy 

Entertainment & Food Policy

EOU AV Media Service Access and Use Policy

EOU PC Inventory & Replacement Policy

Ethics Policy for Internal Search Candidate

Ethics Policy for Search Committee

Evaluation Form (on-campus)

Evaluation On Line Teaching Faculty



Facilities Use

Faculty Development Fund Committee

Faculty Release Time Policy

Faculty Scholars

Family Leave Policy

Freshman Student Admission Requirements Policy

Fundraising Advertising Policy

Fundraising Proposal Form Policy

Fundraising Student Org Policy



Graduate and Retiree Support Policy

Grievance Procedures – AAP



Heath Insurance Requirements for Non-immigrant International Students, Study Abroad, and University-Sponsored Travel Abroad Policy

HEOA Implementation Plan

High School Initiatives Program-Instructor Policy

High School Initiatives Program-Student Policy

Human Subjects



Inclement Weather Policy

Information/Public Records Request Policy

Instructional Release Time Policy

Internal Candidate Policy

International Student Requirements Policy

Internet Usage Policy

IT Acceptable Use Policy

IT Policies, Standards & Guidelines



Lab Anti-Virus Policy

Late Check Request Policy

Leave Laws – FMLA

Leave Laws Policy

Lost and Found



Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

Manual Check Guidelines Policy

Manual Check Policy

Medical Marijuana Policy

Medical Withdrawal Policy

Military Call Up Policy

Missing Persons Policy

Mobile Communications Device Policy

Mobile Media and Access Policy



Nepotism Policy

News Service-Media Relations

Non-admitted Student Requirements Policy


On-Campus Student Employee Policy

OUS Information Security Policies

OUS Undergrad Requirements Policy

Outside Activities

Overload Teaching Policy



Parking and Vehicular Traffic Regulations

Password Policy

Patents and Copyrights

Pay Rubric (Bargained overload pay, Non-Bargained and Adjunct pay)

Payroll Draw Policy

Payroll Policies & Procedures

Petty Cash Fund Policy

Policy Statement

Procurement Card Policy

Promotion and Tenure Handbook

Publications Policy

Purchasing/Contracting/Procurement Policy



Records Privacy Policy

Recruitment Policy

Request for Exception to Recruitment Policy

Religious Activities

Remote Access Policy


Returning EOU Student Requirements Policy

Risk Management



Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave Contract

SAIF Forms

Satisfactory Academic Process Policy

Search Committee Code of Ethics for Internal Candidate

Search Committee Code of Ethics Policy

Server Security Policy

Service and Support Animal Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Software Installation Policy

Staff Fee Privileges

Student Alcohol & Other Drug Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Student Employee Policy

Student Employee Policy – On Campus

Student Firefighter Policy

Student Live-In Requirement



Telework Policy

Temporary Telework Policy

Tenth Week/Finals Week Policy

Tenure Clock Delay Policy

Tenure Relinquishment

Time, Place, and Manner Policy

Transfer Student Requirements Policy

Travel Policy

Triennial Review Policy



University Property Naming Policy

Use of Vehicle for University Business


Workstation Security Policy


Administration & Management



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