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The primary purpose of this website is to state the principal policies and procedures that guide EOU faculty and staff members in the pursuit of university objectives in relations with the community at large. It is also designed to acquaint new faculty and staff members with the organization, the aims of the university and with their obligations and benefits. Some of the policies in this guide apply to the entire university community.

The policies and procedures set forth on this site are those that affect faculty and staff in a way basic to the conduct of university affairs or that are applicable to major or critical areas of university activity. Another important resource is the EOU Handbook.

These policies and procedures constitute a living document and are subject to change by the Institution. Major changes are communicated to the faculty and staff. Faculty and staff members should be familiar with these policies and procedures and changes therein.

It is hoped that faculty and staff members will find this document a useful guide not only for the conduct of their teaching, research, or administrative activities but also for the pursuit of their own professional development within the framework of the university objectives.

Questions as to interpretation or the current status of any policy may be addressed to the Office of the President, who is responsible for maintaining a record of new and revised policy statements as well as a list of the primary departmental sources of information about EOU’s policies and procedures. All questions or requests for updates may be sent via e-mail to policy@eou.edu.


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