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Policies of Eastern Oregon University

Throughout the 2017-18 Academic Year, Eastern Oregon University engaged in a process of creating a single catalog of university policies from five distinct sets of source materials. Those source materials are listed the Legacy Policy page. The process of melding them together was called the Policy Transition Project.

The Policies of Eastern Oregon University is the culmination of the Policy Transition Project.  It is a catalog of all of the university’s current policies.  Regardless of whether the policies originated with the former State Board of Higher Education, Chancellor’s Office, or EOU itself (and regardless of whether they were originally Oregon Administrative Rules, Internal Management Directives, or something else), these policies now use consistent, current terminology, appear in a uniform format, and are organized by subject.

To view them, click on each volume name.  Policies that are listed but which lack hyperlinks are policies that are still in development or which have not yet completed their transition.  For copies of listed policies that do not have hyperlinks, contact the General Counsel’s Office or view the Legacy Policy page.

The Policies of Eastern Oregon University only contains university policies.  Other authoritative statements of the university (as defined in Board Statement No. 5, Categories of Authoritative Statements), appear in other places.  These include the Statements and Resolutions of the Board of Trustees of Eastern Oregon University, and various university procedures.


Chapter 05 – Student Academic Conduct

1.05.05      Classroom Decorum Policy

1.05.10      Academic Honesty Code Policy

1.05.15      Academic Standing Policy

1.05.20      Academic Bankruptcy Policy

Chapter 10 – Registrar’s Policies

1.10.05      Academic Calendar Policy

1.10.10      Residence Classification Policy

1.10.15      Classification of Students Policy

1.10.20      Course Load Limitations Policy

1.10.25      Dean’s List Policy

1.10.30      Course Numbering Policy

1.10.35      Class Size Policy

1.10.40      Enrollment in Classes Policy

1.10.45      Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Policy

1.10.50      Drop and Withdrawal from Courses Policy

1.10.55      Course Attendance and No-Show Drop Policy

1.10.60      Grading Policy

1.10.65      Tenth Week and Finals Week Policy

 Chapter 15 – Credit for External Activities

1.15.05      Undergraduate Transfer and Articulation Policy

1.15.10      Vocational and Technical Coursework Policy

1.15.15      Agency Sponsored Learning (ASL) Policy

1.15.20      Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit (APEL) Policy

1.15.25      High School Initiatives Program – Student Policy

1.15.30      High School Initiatives Program – Instructor Policy

 Chapter 20 – Degrees

1.20.05      Awarding of Degrees Policy

Chapter 25 – Student Records

1.25.05      Student Records Policy

1.25.10      Student Graders Policy

Chapter 30 – Libraries

1.30.05      Policy on Coordinated System of Libraries

 Chapter 35 – Faculty

1.35.05      Faculty Instructional Release Time Policy

Chapter 01 – General

3.01.05      Conflict of Interest

3.01.10      Internal Controls

Chapter 05 – Accounting and Financial Reporting

3.05.01      Accounting and Financial Reporting

3.05.05      Indirect Costs

3.05.10      Inter-fund Transactions and Inter-fund Loans

3.05.25      Reserve Funds

3.05.30      Designated Operating Funds

3.05.35      Service Center Operations

3.05.40      Auxiliary Enterprise Operations

Chapter 10 – Purchasing and Accounts Payable

3.10.01      Purchasing and Accounts Payable

3.10.05      Employee Recognition Awards

3.10.10      Hospitality, Entertainment, Meals, and Refreshments

3.10.15      Travel and Transportation Administration and Expenses

3.10.20      Moving

3.10.25      Procurement and Corporate Cards

3.10.45      Change Fund

3.10.46      Petty Cash

Chapter 15 – Procurement and Contracting

3.15.01      Procurement and Contracts of Goods and Services

3.15.05      Professional Consultants

Chapter 16 – Capital Construction

3.16.05      Accounting for Capital Projects

Chapter 20 – Accounts Receivable

3.20.01      Receivables

3.20.10      Revolving Charge Accounts

3.20.20      Tuition and Fees

3.20.25      Domestic Student Exchanges

3.20.30      Staff Fee Privileges

Chapter 25 – Treasury Management

3.25.01     Treasury Management

3.25.05     Lost and Unclaimed Property

3.25.10     Cash Funds

3.25.15     Foreign Programs and Payments

3.25.20     Advances of Federal Funds

Chapter 30 – Student Financial Aid

3.30.01      Student Financial Aid

Chapter 35 – Research and Sponsored Programs

3.35.01      Research and Sponsored Programs

3.35.35      Venture Development Funds

3.35.36      Intellectual Property

Chapter 40 – Debt Financing

3.40.01      Debt Financing and Management

3.40.10      Interest Rate Risk Management

Chapter 45 – Investment Management

3.45.01      Investment Management

Chapter 50 – Taxation

3.50.01      Tax Policy

Chapter 60 – Auditing

3.60.01      Auditing Roles and Responsibilities

3.60.05      Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting

Chapter 70 – Budgeting

3.70.01      Budgeting Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 80 – Payroll and Fringe Benefits

3.80.05      Payroll

3.80.10      Fringe Benefits

Chapter 05 – Recruitment and Equal Employment Opportunity

5.05.05      Recruitment Policy for Classified Staff and Administrative Professionals

5.05.10      Recruitment Policy for Faculty

5.05.15      Policy on Employment of More than One Member of the Household

5.05.20      Dual Career Policy

5.05.25      Nepotism Policy

5.05.30      Criminal Background Check Policy

Chapter 10 – Employee Classification and Compensation

5.10.05      Academic Employee Classification and Compensation Policy

5.10.10      Faculty Appointment Policy

5.10.15      Policy on Terms of Service and Working Hours of Faculty

5.10.20      Tenure and Promotion Policy

5.10.25      Post Tenure Review Policy

5.10.30      Conditions of Employment on Gift, Grant and Contract Funds

5.10.35      Inclement Weather

Chapter 15 – Outside Employment

5.15.05      Outside Activities, Related Compensation, and Conflict of Interest

Chapter 20 – Benefits and Insurance

5.20.05      Holidays

5.20.10      Vacations

5.20.15      Participation in a Voluntary FTE Reduction Program

5.20.20      Career Support Program for Unclassified Employees

5.20.25      Administrative Professionals Celebrated Career Honor

5.20.30      Appointment of Faculty Emeriti Statuses Policy

Chapter 25 – Time-off and Leave

5.25.10      Student and Temporary Employee Sick Leave

5.25.15      Policy on Sick Leave Plan for Academic Personnel

5.25.20      Transfer of Accumulated, Unused Sick Leave

5.25.25      Absence due to Illness

5.25.30      Fellowship Leave Policy

5.25.35      Sabbatical Leave Policy

5.25.40      Career Development Leave

Chapter 30 – Performance Management and Professional Development

05.30.05    Educational/Developmental Policy

05.30.10    Triennial Reviews of Senior Leadership

Chapter 35 – Separation

5.35.05      Resignations and Terminations Policy

Chapter 40 – Employee Records

5.40.05      Employee Records