Student Infoline

About Student Infoline

Infoline is a listserv that reaches students – both online and in person. Students actively enrolled in courses receive these messages to stay informed about ongoing events, news, and educational opportunities. Emails will go out on a scheduled basis: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 am (emails may be sent outside this schedule as deemed necessary by the institution).

The Student Infoline only sends three (3) to four (4) announcements at any time. The announcements are built based on the order they are received. Announcements will be sent out the following Infoline if they exceed this limit.

We do not send out external survey links unless they are directly related to the campus community, La Grande/Union County, or other university-approved items.

NOTE: University Advancement manages and publishes Infolines that go out to staff, faculty, and partners of EOU. You will need to complete the additional request at

Other options for getting the word out:

Infoline isn’t the right solution for every message – particularly for off-campus events and fundraisers, or if you’re trying reach staff and faculty.

Consider these alternative channels that might better suit your needs: