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Substitution & petition requests

Often times advisors will request that transfer work be considered for credit toward EOU graduation requirements. Such requests must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office using the following forms. Once the Registrar’s Office receives a request, we will log the date, name of the person submitting the form, purpose of the request, and send it to the appropriate academic program faculty for review. Once the program faculty respond, the Registrar’s Office will notify the advisor. The Registrar’s Office will make any needed changes to a student’s record.

The following forms are titled according to their appropriate use. Please note that in all cases the Registrar, in consultation with a Dean when required, will ultimately determine the appropriate program faculty to review the following forms.

Advising Center Operational Procedures for Substitutions & Waivers – Issued by Vice Provost & Registrar

Forms need to be completed by an advisor. Forms require user to be logged into their EOU email account to submit.

Information about requesting a Waiver for an EOU Academic Program