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OAR 166-030-0026 Records Management Procedures Programs

Division 30
Public Records Retention and Disposition Authorization (State Agencies)

Authorization for destruction of public records by a state agency shall be obtained as follows:

(1) No authorization is required to destroy materials which are excluded or exempt by statute from the definition of public records. (ORS 192. 005(5), 192.170)

(2) A Special Schedule approved by the State Archivist, or an applicable State Agency General Records Retention Schedule found in OAR chapter 166, division 300, establishes the appropriate retention and disposition for state agency records. A state agency shall destroy public records that have met the terms and conditions of their scheduled retention period, subject to the prior audit requirements of 166-030-0041 and any suspension ordered under the provisions of 166-030-0045. Special Schedules shall be created from inventories (166-030-0021). Unless otherwise stated, a retention period shall be calculated from the date the public record was created. Retention periods for state agency records are both a minimum retention and a maximum retention period.

(3) State agencies shall submit a record of all public records (paper only) destroyed on the authority of the approved records retention schedules. This record shall list schedule number, record series title, cubic feet destroyed, and date destroyed. For electronic records, only agencies using an electronic records management system, need to report the records destroyed. The destruction report generated by the system shall suffice and should include retention schedule number, record series title, and date destroyed. Both the destruction report for paper records and for electronic records (when applicable) shall be forwarded to the State Archivist on an annual basis.

(4) Notwithstanding any existing records retention schedule, any State Agency electronic records with a scheduled retention period of Permanent, and which are also scheduled to be transferred to the State Archives, shall be kept by the agency in both electronic form and hard copy or microfilm form until State Archives electronic records accession review is completed. The State Archives will notify the agency in writing which electronic records, if any, will be accessioned and will specify transfer procedures, required format, required metadata and a required timetable for the electronic records transfer.

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 192 & 357
Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 192, 357.855 & 357.895
OSA 9-2009, f. & cert. ef. 10-15-09
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