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Registration Form

From pre-registration through the first week of the term students may add on-line via web registration (Webster). During the second through the fourth weeks of the term, student may add classes at the discretion of the instructor, who must provide a signature on a Registration Form. Thereafter, only the College Dean may approve exceptions. Requests for exceptions may be brought to the Deans only upon instructor’s prior approval of the request.

  • Dates for adding classes- Follow this link: addpolicy

No class may be added after the end of the regular instructional period under any circumstances. This means that no courses may be added during finals week or after the end of the term.

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What do I do if I have a hold?

  • Money hold – Contact Student Accounts or 541-962-3590
  • All other holds contact your Adviser (you can find your adviser using your Webster Account “View Student Information”)

Common registration errors and what to do:

Suppressed line number error: means the course requires instructor approval to register.

In order to register for a class that is suppressed you will need to contact the instructor via email and request permission to join the class. The instructor (if approves) will give you an ‘override’ in the system that will allow you to then register yourself for the course.

Alternatively your email permission to enter the course from the instructor can be forwarded to along with the completed online fillable registration form. Send the email from your EOU email account, and no physical signature will be required on the registration form. Upon receipt, our office will manually add you to the class roster.

Restriction error: means there is something restricting you from registering for the class.

Level restriction – the student level freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate.
Attribute restriction – some online classes require students to be designated online students to register.
Field of study restriction – program you are getting your degree in.

If you have a restriction error you will need to contact the instructor and receive approval from them for an ‘override’ so you can register yourself for the class.

 Closed Section error: means the class is full (see below)

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Class is closed/full

  • Some classes that are full/closed have wait-listing capabilities, click here to see information on wait-listing and the wait-listed courses. If a closed course is not wait-listed then you need to send an email to the instructor requesting approval to join the class.
  • For non wait-list courses you need to complete and attach the online fill-able registration form to this request. Send the email from your EOU email account and no physical signature will be required.
  • When the instructor approves, he/she should forward all registration documents (registration form and instructor permission email) to the Dean of the college for approval (college deans listed below).
  • The Dean will then send all documents to the Registrar’s office for processing.
  • **NOTE** if a course is wait-listed you will ONLY go on the wait-list if you follow these steps, you will not be registered for the course.

(Find the link to the online fillable form here: (Save the completed form on your desktop so it can be attached to your email to the instructor.)

**Additional information (if the instructor returns approval to you without forwarding to the Dean: (if this happens, it does not mean that your request has been denied.)

  • If the class is within the College of Business, the Associate Dean to contact is Kevin Walker at Please be sure that you are forwarding the approval from the instructor along with your completed registration form.
  • If the class is within the College of Education, the Associate Dean to contact is Karyn Gomez at Please be sure that you are forwarding the approval from the instructor along with your completed registration form.
  • If the class is within the College of Arts and Sciences, you will forward your instructor approval and completed registration for to Regina Braker at for approval. Please be sure that you are forwarding the approval from the instructor along with your completed registration form.

Once the Dean approves your request, they will return all approvals and registration documents to our office ( and we will register you for the class. You will not receive an email notifying you of the registration but you will be able to see it on your schedule in Webster once it has been added.

ALL completed documents must be sent to (No registration forms will be processed when sent to

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Weeks 1 – 4 you can drop on the web using your Webster Account.
Drop fees will be assessed in accordance with the fee policies stated in the EOU Student Accounts drop/withdrawal refund schedule.

Weeks 5 – 7  Withdrawal Policy:  There are two types of withdrawal – withdrawal from a course and withdrawal from the University
From a course: A student may withdraw from the 5th week of the term through the 7th week with a grade of “W” indicated on the transcript.
No withdrawals will be issued after the 7th week of the term.  Instructors will issue a letter grade (A-F, or I) for all students enrolled after the 7th week.  A student making adequate academic progress during the term and needing to withdraw after the 7th week may request an incomplete from the instructor.

From the University:  A student may withdraw from the University at any time during the term by the last day of regularly scheduled classes by completing the Registration Form and sending it to requesting to withdraw from all courses.

Click here for the Registration Form to withdraw from a/all course(s).  Fees will be assessed in accordance with the fee policies stated in the EOU Student Accounts drop/withdrawal refund schedule.

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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading

The purpose of the S/U option is to encourage you to take courses outside your major program without fear of the grade earned affecting your GPA.  The S/U grading option must be elected by the second Friday of the term. To elect the S/U option, the student must file the request form with the Registrar’s Office. Of the 180 term hours required for the bachelor’s degree, you may elect up to 36 for S/U (courses offered only on an S/U basis are not included in the 36-hour limit).

The grade of S indicates a grade comparable to a grade of C- or better. An S/U grade may be elected for any course except those used to meet specific program requirements, unless it is allowed by the academic college offering the course. If a required course is offered only on an S/U basis, it may be counted in the major program. If students have questions regarding which courses can be taken S/U, they should see their faculty adviser

If you are repeating a course to raise a grade, a grade of “U” is not considered to be a higher grade than a
“D” or “F”.

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Non-Admitted Students

A non-admitted student is a person who feels academically qualified to enroll for classes at EOU but does not desire to be admitted to the university.  The non-admitted status is specifically designed for the person who desires to take a very limited number of courses generally for purposes other than obtaining a degree or teaching certificate at Eastern Oregon University.  Non-admitted students are not eligible to receive federal student aid.

As a non-admitted student, you will be allowed to take up to 8 credits hours per academic term.  Summer you can take up to 21 credits.

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