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Career and Technical Education

Eastern Oregon University is offering courses for Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors that meet the requirements of the Teacher Standards and Practices Oregon Administrative Rules for individuals who hold the CTE I license. These courses may be of interest to those who are considering a career in CTE or current teachers who are seeking professional development.

The courses are offered at the credit overlay price of $100 per credit for undergraduate level (410) courses and $200 per credit for graduate level (510) courses. These courses are intended to be self-paced modules, allowing the student maximum flexibility for completion of the courses on an independent schedule, within the framework of the academic term. All registrations need to be submitted no later than the first Friday of the EOU term. You will need to follow the syllabi course participation guidelines.

If you have any questions please contact Janet Frye by phone: 541.962.3772 or by email: jfrye@eou.edu

All coursework must be completed no later than the Friday of the week of finals.

Available Classes by term

 2023-2024 CTE Course Offerings

 Credit Overlay ED 410 and ED 510 for each – Note when they will be offered by term and the course number for that class

Course TitleSpring 24
Course Number
Summer 24
Course Number
Fall 24
Course Number
Winter 25
Course Number
Spring 25
Course Number
Classroom Management – CTEED 410 – CRN 17084
ED 510 – CRN 17085
ED 410 – CRN 32268
ED 510 – CRN 38372
Culturally Responsive Practices – CTEED 410 – CRN 98571
ED 510 – CRN 98570
ED 410 – CRN 32406
ED 510 – CRN 32269
ED 410 – CRN 90429
ED 510 – CRN 90428
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment – CTEED 410 – CRN 17086
ED 510 – CRN 17087
ED 410 – CRN 64428
ED 510 – CRN 64218
Human Development Adolescence – CTEED 410 – CRN 98573
ED 510 – CRN 98572
ED 410 – CRN 17088
ED 510 – CRN 17089
ED 410 – CRN 90431
ED 510 – CRN 90430
Introduction to Teaching & CTE in OregonED 410 – CRN 17091
ED 510 – CRN 17090
ED 410 – CRN 64429
ED 510 – CRN 64430
Literacy Methods – CTEED 410 – CRN 98363
ED 510 – CRN 98364
ED 410 – CRN 64432
ED 510 – CRN 64431
ED 410 – CRN 90254
ED 510 – CRN 90255
Math Methods – CTEED 410 – CRN 17049
ED 510 – CRN 17050
ED 410 – CRN 64434
ED 510 – CRN 64433

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

ED 410/510 Classroom Management Teachers

This course is designed to support teachers in developing a practical and effective approach to classroom management. Through course readings, videos and reflective projects, participants will establish a positive classroom setting that maximizes time on learning and is inclusive to school and classroom culture.

ED 410/510 Introduction to Teaching and CTE in Oregon

This course is designed to support career and technical education instructors who are new to the teaching profession. Through course readings, videos and reflective projects, students will receive a practical introduction to the professional roles and responsibilities of educators as well as an overview of the federal funding (Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006) and program characteristics that support CTE in Oregon.

ED 410/510 Literacy Methods for CTE

This course is designed for Secondary CTE Educators to increase their knowledge of literacy and its place in the classroom. This content area literacy course will focus on concepts and strategies for reading and writing across the curriculum as well as incorporating speaking, listening, and viewing. It will include a particular emphasis on STEM and literacy integration.

ED 410/510 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for CTE

Note: Focus on curricular theory and planning through units and daily lessons. The identification of instructional goals, activities to achieve goals through student learning, and appropriate measurement means for those goals is a primary task of this course. Instructional models most pertinent to CTE are combined with standards based curricular design using Common Core State Standards, Oregon Skill Sets, Next Generation Science Standards, and other applicable national standards. Particular focus on STEM design within CTE promotes a cross curricular approach with real world application. Measurement practices (including traditional and proficiency models) which emphasize the attainment of skills will be included alongside rubric development for performance-based assessments.

ED 410/510 Math Methods for CTE

Course focuses on the applied mathematics used in technical careers. Mathematical concepts are taught in the context of their use in electronics, construction, programming, agriculture and mechanics.

ED 410/510 Human Development–Adolescence for CTE

Explores principles of human development including physical, intellectual, personality, social development, and motivation theory in relationship to classroom learning. Explanations of how learners acquire understanding and how teachers may enhance the process.

ED 410/510 Culturally Responsive Practices for CTE

This course will focus on developing practices in classrooms that will encourage success for all students, encouraging teachers to take into account the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of their students and fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Registration Instructions

Registration process for Course ED 410 & ED 510 CTE Students

Step 1 – Complete “Non-Degree Seeking” Student Form*:

*In order to register you must first complete the Non-Admitted Non-Degree Seeking Student Form, if you have not enrolled in a course through EOU within the last three terms. (If you have enrolled in an EOU course go to step 2).

Once form is open under “Academic Information” fill out as follows:

  1. Select level of courses being sought”
    Non-Degree Graduate” if you have completed a Bachelor’s Degree(ED510)
    Non-Degree Undergraduate” if you have NOT completed a Bachelor’s degree (ED 410)
  2. “Campus”
    Select: “Online”
  3. Start Term and Year
    Select: Term and Year you want to register for
  4. Educational Intent
    Select: “Credit Overlay, Educational Workshop, CTE”
  5. Continue filling out the form with our information

You will receive email notification from the EOU Admissions Office when your application has been processed. It will contain your new EOU student ID number and login information for your new Mountie Hub portal. Once you have received this email you can move to step 2. If you do not receive this email please contact the Admissions Office via email at admissions@eou.edu or by phone 541.962.3393

Step 2 – Self-Register through your Mountie Hub Account:

**Registration must be completed within the first 3 weeks of the term (with instructor approval).

This tutorial will walk you through the registration process: How to Register for CTE or Credit Overlay Classes or the instructions are listed below.

  1. Visit the EOU home page at eou.edu
  2. Log in to your MY.EOU Portal
  3. Inside the Portal
    1. Please select the “Mountie Hub” application.
      • If this is your first time self registering for classes with EOU, you will be prompted to complete a Financial Responsibility Form on the next screen. Once this form is complete you may use the 5-digit CRN located in the table above, titled “Available Classes by term“.
    1. Select “Student Services
    2. Mountie Hub Registration
    3. Register for classes
    4. Select appropriate term to register for classes
    5. Enter CRN for class you want to take.
    6. Once all classes are added to the summary, you will select the appropriate action and click “submit‘.
    7. Finally, please make sure you log out and back in to verify that the class was added.

**Registration for CTE courses will open on the date listed in the EOU Academic Calendar as “All Other College Students” and will close at 5:00 PM on the first Friday of each term.

Step 3 – Remit Payment through your Mountie Hub Account:

To view your student account balance:

  1. Please log in to your MY.EOU Portal
  2. Select the  Mountie Hub
  3. Click on Student Accounts
    • From here you can view your  Account Summary, make a payment, or generate a statement with payment history for  employer/school district reimbursement. Please check the EOU Academic Calendar for payment  due dates and deadlines.

*Please note that the Non-Admitted, Non-Degree Seeking student application fee of $25 is  waived for individuals enrolling in CTE courses. Please review your student account and if you  believe you have been assessed this fee in error, please contact the EOU Admissions Office at admissions@eou.edu.

Step 4 – Once you have completed your course:

After you have completed your class and your final grades have been posted, you may use your  Mountie Hub account to view your grades and/or order official transcripts.

  1. Please log in to your MY.EOU Portal
  2. Select the  Mountie Hub
  3. Clicking on Student  Services
  4. Followed by Student Information.

Frequently asked Questions:

What do I do if I miss the registration deadline?
– Contact the College of Education by phone at 541.962.3772

What do I do if I run into registration errors or need to make adjustments to my  registration? 
– Email add.drop@eou.edu and a Registrar’s Office staff member will assist you.

What do I do if I have questions about the Financial Responsibility Form?
-Contact the EOU Student Accounts Office at cashier@eou.edu.

Where do I get the CRN to register for classes?
– Listed above “Available Classes by term