Career and Technical Education

Eastern Oregon University is offering courses for Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors that meet the requirements of the Teacher Standards and Practices Oregon Administrative Rules for individuals who hold the CTE I license. These courses may be of interest to those who are considering a career in CTE or current teachers who are seeking professional development.

The first course in the series was offered in winter term 2015. One or two new courses will be added each term until a full complement of courses meeting all CTE I requirements is offered every term. The courses are offered at the credit overlay price, currently $100 per credit. These courses are intended to be self-paced modules, allowing the student maximum flexibility for completion of the courses on an independent schedule, within the framework of the academic term. All registrations need to be submitted no later than the Friday of the third week of the EOU term and course participation must begin no later than the fourth week of the term.  All coursework must be completed no later than the Friday of the week of finals.

How to Register

Memo to CTE Students (Registration Instructions) Non-Admit Form *Each course is available at the 410 and a 510 level.  If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, please register for ED 410.  ED 510 is for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree. *Courses are available as Pass/Fail or graded A-F.  If you would prefer to take the course as a Pass/Fail, please select “S/U” on your registration form.  If you would like to be graded A-F, you may leave this selection blank.

Available Classes

Eastern Oregon University is committed to the continued development of our CTE offerings. However, we are not adding any additional courses to our selections at this time. We plan to add up to four more courses at some point in the future.

ED 410/510 Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers

This course is designed to support teachers in developing a practical and effective approach to classroom management. Through course readings, videos and reflective projects, participants will establish a positive classroom setting that maximizes time on learning and is inclusive to school and classroom culture.

ED 410/510 Introduction to Teaching and CTE in Oregon

This course is designed to support career and technical education instructors who are new to the teaching profession. Through course readings, videos and reflective projects, students will receive a practical introduction to the professional roles and responsibilities of educators as well as an overview of the federal funding (Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006) and program characteristics that support CTE in Oregon.

ED 410/510 Literacy Methods for CTE

This course is designed for Secondary CTE Educators to increase their knowledge of literacy and its place in the classroom. This content area literacy course will focus on concepts and strategies for reading and writing across the curriculum as well as incorporating speaking, listening, and viewing. It will include a particular emphasis on STEM and literacy integration.

ED 410/510 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for CTE

Note: Focus on curricular theory and planning through units and daily lessons. The identification of instructional goals, activities to achieve goals through student learning, and appropriate measurement means for those goals is a primary task of this course. Instructional models most pertinent to CTE are combined with standards based curricular design using Common Core State Standards, Oregon Skill Sets, Next Generation Science Standards, and other applicable national standards. Particular focus on STEM design within CTE promotes a cross curricular approach with real world application. Measurement practices (including traditional and proficiency models) which emphasize the attainment of skills will be included alongside rubric development for performance-based assessments.

ED 410/510 Math Methods for CTE

Course focuses on the applied mathematics used in technical careers. Mathematical concepts are taught in the context of their use in electronics, construction, programming, agriculture and mechanics.

ED 410/510 Human Development–Adolescence for CTE

Explores principles of human development including physical, intellectual, personality, social development, and motivation theory in relationship to classroom learning. Explanations of how learners acquire understanding and how teachers may enhance the process.

ED 410/510 Culturally Responsive Practices for CTE

This course will focus on developing practices in classrooms that will encourage success for all students, encouraging teachers to take into account the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of their students and fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments.