Reach the Peak




  1. Must be a Returning Inactive EOU student: A Returning Inactive EOU student is defined as any previously matriculated student who has fallen out of continuous enrollment that has become inactive.
  2. Must have a Graduation Application on file: A Grad App is the only way that a student can come back and be allowed to finish under their originally admitted catalog and program. All originally evaluated transfer work will be honored as is, and any exceptions and/or petitions will be honored under the original date of approval. If the original degree (major/concentration/minor) is no longer available at EOU, the Registrar’s Office will work with program faculty to plan a path forward allowing the student the opportunity to complete the degree.
  3. Must be within 24 credits of completing the degree that is listed on the Grad App
  4. Must have or be able to obtain a EOU & Overall GPA of 2.00 with classes left to complete
  5. Must not have received Reach the Peak previously
  6. Must be able to complete within 1 years’ time
  7. Courses chosen by the student must lead to completion
  8. No changes of majors/minors that lead to new requirements or addition of credits
  9. Students will be have to show satisfactory progress each term to receive the next terms award.

Please see page Continous Enrollment & Re-Admit/Returning Student sections in the Academic Policies & Procedures section within the EOU catalog for more detailed definitions. 


  1. Reach out to students on the list with Updated Dates
  2. Have them submit a Returning Student application:
  3. Submit the Reach the Peak (RTP) Application to
  4. Registrar’s office will verify application
  5. Fin Aid will notify student/adviser of award or outcome

Reach the Peak Application



The Registrar will be monitoring this award and exceptions in regards to the Reach the Peak (RTP) program.

If you have a student that you believe would benefit from Reach the Peak:

  1. Have them submit a Returning Student application:
  2. Submit the Reach the Peak Application to, note somewhere that this would be a special exception.
  3. Registrar’s office will verify what is on the application
  4. Fin Aid will notify student/adviser of award or outcome

An example of special exception would be they are a senior, they are out of Fin Aid and only have 10 credits left to graduate.



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