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General Education Requirements

General Education Core (GEC)

Eastern Oregon University is a community of scholars who understand that learning is a life-long process. The GEC provides opportunities for students to become reflective, responsible citizens of strong mind and ordered intellect who see multiple points of view. The University expects graduates to use their knowledge of the human condition and the physical world to adapt to, solve the problems of, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

The 60 credit General Education Curriculum serves the diverse student body of Eastern Oregon University by helping students to integrate into university life and challenging them to become critical, creative thinkers and engaged, knowledgeable citizens, open to new ways of looking at the world.

GEC Information – www.eou.edu/epcc/gec

Courses may be taken graded (C- or better) or S/U (please refer to the S/U policy). A minimum of 60 credits is required. For the most current listing of GEC courses please refer to:

All courses used to fulfill the general education core must be approved by the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee to ensure that General Education Outcomes, as distinct from the discipline-specific outcomes, have been identified and means of assessment are in place.