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Updating Student Records

Address changes

Luckily, no form is necessary to do an address change! You can update your address yourself on-line using Mountie Hub.

Once you log in, click on Personal Information. Then click on Update Address(es) and Phone(s) . Read the directions, make your changes, and hit the submit button. It’s that easy!

Name changes

Current EOU students

Log in to your EOU portal and into your Mountie Hub and Select General Services and Name, Social Security and/or Gender Change. Or select the Mountie Hub link below to take you to the form.

We must have a copy of your signed Social Security card in order to change your name. We will only be able to change your name to the one on your Social Security card. We do not require your full social security number, so you can cover the other numbers if you desire.

If you are not a current EOU student, please follow these steps

1) We must have a copy of your signed Social Security card. (Please block out ALL but the last four digits of your number.)
2) We must have your former name written on the copy of your Social Security card. Please be sure to sign your card as no changes can be made from an unsigned Social Security Card.
3) If you know your student ID number, please write it on the copy as well.
4) Fax 541-962-3799, attach to an email (registrar@eou.edu) or mail (see address below) the copy to our office.

Please Note

If you have a graduation application filed, and would like your diploma name updated to your new name, please send an email to graduation@eou.edu and specifically state the name you would like your diploma to read.

If you are a student worker or an employee of Eastern Oregon University, you must also contact the Payroll Office, Inlow 205, payroll-group@eou.edu or 541-962-3286.

If you would like your email address updated please contact Information Technology (helpdesk@eou.edu or 541-962-3111) .

Student identification card