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College of Education Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title Phone Location E-Mail
Dallas, David Faculty 541.962.3535 ZH-228 ddallas@eou.edu
JanDinsmore_13 Dinsmore, Jan Faculty 541.889.7468 Ontario jdinsmor@eou.edu
KylieEvans_March2019 Evans, Kylie Education Advisor and UG Ed Program Admission Coordinator 541.962.3623 ZH-225 krevans@eou.edu
Fritz, Ronda Faculty 541.962.3380 ZH-229 rfritz@eou.edu
JanetFrye_7_Comp Frye, Janet Administrative Support
MAT/MS/MBA Graduate Admission
541.962.3772 ZH-255 jfrye@eou.edu
Gekas, Tara Placement Coordinator/Licensing Officer 541.962.3338 ZH-226 tgekas@eou.edu
Karyn-Gomez2-300x284 Gomez, Karyn Faculty 541.962.3312 ZH231 kgomez@eou.edu
Johnson, Kristin MAT, MS, MBA Advisor/Recruiter 541.962.3529 ZH-227 kjohnso2@eou.edu
Jolin, Jerred Assistant Professor, Special Education 541.962.3537 ZH-230 jjolin@eou.edu
Lambeth, Cathryn Visiting Assistant Professor, Sabbatical Replacement 541.962.3380 ZH-229 lambetc@eou.edu
Lubbes, Tawnya Faculty 541.962.3329 ZH-237 tlubbes@eou.edu
LeeAnnMcNerney_small McNerney, LeeAnn Faculty 503.491.7398 Gresham lmcnerne@eou.edu 
Brandon Monroe Monroe, Brandon Faculty 503.491.7445 Gresham bmonroe@eou.edu
RaeEtteNewman_3_2 Newman, Rae Ette Department Chair/Director of AAQEP Accreditation/CoE CTLA Chair 541.962.3428 ZH-240 rnewman@eou.edu
Donna Rainboth Rainboth, Donna Faculty 541.962.3720 ZH-234 drainbot@eou.edu
NaomiPic_aspectRatio3_2 Tuinstra, Naomi Senior Instructor 541.962.3572 ZH-236 ntuinstra@eou.edu
Upshaw, Beth College Operations Manager 541.962.3816 ZH-255B bupshaw@eou.edu
Villagomez, Amanda Faculty 541.962.3950 ZH-233 avillago@eou.edu
Vossenkuhl, Angela Faculty 503.491.7427 Gresham avossenkuhl@eou.edu
Margie2019 Webster, Margie Administrative Program Assistant – Gresham 503.491.7000 Gresham mwebster@eou.edu
Williams, Tonya Administrative Support 541.962.3411 ZH-255 tlwilliams@eou.edu
100_0486_1_3_2_closeup Zamora, Jimmy Faculty 541.962.3412 ZH-232 jjzamora@eou.edu