EOU Education Consortium

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission requires higher education to maintain an active consortium.  A consortium advises the unit on development, evaluation and improvement of the program.

(1) The consortium must include the following representation:

(a) Teachers who are members of their district’s teacher bargaining unit

(b) Public school administrators

(c) Students in the program; and

(d) Faculty from the institution

(2) Optionally, representatives from the community may be appointed to the consortium.

(3) In all cases, attention must be given to under-represented populations.

(4) The consortium has written by-laws that govern its operation.

(5) The consortium meets regularly but no less than twice each year to review and evaluate the program, the program’s activities and annual reports and makes recommendations to the program.

(6) The unit must provide written responses to all recommendations made to the unit by the consortium.

EOU Education Consortium Bylaws