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Faculty Information & Travel Resources

Travel Forms

General Travel:

Complete COE Travel Funding Request Form

Conference Travel:

1. Complete COE Travel Funding Request Form
2. Complete FDFC Travel Request Form

Please refer to the Faculty Development Fund webpage for details.

Teaching or Supervisory Travel:

Complete both “COE Blanket Travel Request Funding request form” and “Supervisory Mileage Log” (if you are traveling to supervise students).

Travel Reimbursement:

Step 1. Go to EOU Travel Site: https://www.eou.edu/busserv/travel/
Step 2. Complete Laserfiche Travel Reimbursement


Annual Review Form

Tenure & Promotion

How to create a folder in Google Drive

Faculty Personnel Process Calendar 21-22

Retention, Tenure, Promotion Handbook

Other Resources

On Campus Guest Risk & Waiver of Liability form

Desk Copy Request Form

Office Hours Template for Faculty

Conditions of Volunteer Service Form