Early Childhood Education (ECED)

Eastern Oregon University and the College of Education offer a non-licensure major in Early Childhood Education.
The Early Childhood Education major is offered completely online and can be completed in two years.

The Early Childhood Education degree is a non-licensure program designed to prepare students for working with young children from birth to age 8.  The program offers students the opportunity to explore the field of early childhood education and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting, educating and advocating for young children.  Students will receive in-depth knowledge of early childhood foundations, development, learning and apply this knowledge in learning to create high-quality early care and educational programs that focus on developing appropriate learning experiences for young children.  After completion of the ECED program, students are prepared to work in the private sector as teachers, program directors and administrators, advocates, educational coordinators, or policymakers in schools, businesses, mental health agencies and community, private or church-related programs.Students who choose to obtain their teacher licensure may continue their education in a Master of Arts in Teaching licensure preparation program.

This Early Childhood Education (ECED) program is available online.


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