Sex Assault Dynamics

Types of Rapists


  • Know they are rapists/sex offenders
  • Know they are committing rape
  • Often commit other crimes as part of rape
  • Choose their victims carefully

“Gonna Have Sex” Offenders

  • Believe they are not rapists
  • Believe they are just having sex
  • Rarely commit other crimes as part of rape
  • Are more opportunistic or create opportunities

Both the Rapists and the “Gonna Have Sex” Offenders have thinking errors that, in their mind, it gives them permission to commit sexual assaults.

This distinction is important because members of the general public may become confused when an honestly bewildered person clearly states that they are not rapists and did not commit a sexual assault. The bewilderment and righteous indignation of the accused can ring true. But keep in mind the definition of sexual assault: Was the act unwanted and nonconsensual? The answer to this question will determine whether or not the act is a sexual assault. We do not define sexual assault by how confused or upset the perpetrator becomes. The most cursory examination of the “Gonna Have Sex Offenders” demonstrates that obtaining or ensuring consent was unimportant and even irrelevant to them. The sex offenders in this category are unlikely to be reported and therefore are part of the population of undetected rapists.