Return Loans

Returning Loan Funds Within 14 Days After Disbursement

Borrowers of federal student loans (Perkins, Stafford, PLUS, GradPLUS) have the right to return all or a portion of their loan disbursements to EOU within 14 days of disbursement.  This means that we will take your loan disbursement amount back and return funds to the lender for you.  This will reduce your debt.  If we return direct loans to the direct loan account, the direct loan servicer should send you an updated statement showing the reduction.  The return of loan funds will also show on NSLDS.  Since the the direct loan servicer updates NSLDS, it will take about 90 days for the returned amount to show up on NSLDS.

Perkins loan funds returned to EOU within the 14 day period are administered by EOU.

After the 14 Day Time Period

If you decide to return direct loan funds after the 14 day time period, you will need to work with the direct loan servicer to return funds.

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