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Financial Aid Committee

Organization and Membership

The Financial Aid Committee shall consist of nine members, including four teaching faculty, one from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, one from the College of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Health Sciences, one from the College of Business, and one from the College of Education; two administrative professionals, two students, and one classified staff. The Director of Financial Aid shall serve ex officio. The Financial Aid Office shall supply staff support for the Committee.

Xiaowei Chen20-22CAHSS
Shari Carpenter21-23COB
Tawnya Lubbes21-23COE
Heidi Blocker21-22CSTMHS
Meghan Counsell21-23Admin. Professionals
Holly Chason20-22Admin. Professionals
Hunter Frazier21-23Classified Staff
Emily Mendoza21-22Student
Richard Rojas21-22Student
Sandy Henry/Jason Hibbert——Ex-Officio


This committee shall report to and recommend policy to the University Council.

The annual single audit performed by an outside audit firm verifies regulatory compliance for the Financial Aid office regarding all policies and procedures. This annual report is viewable here.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To develop and recommend policies concerning Financial Aid.
  2. To provide advice to the Director of Financial Aid for implementation of Financial Aid policies.
  3. To serve as the final hearing board for student appeals regarding Financial Aid.


EOU Constitution

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University Council

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