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Five Federal Loan Servicers

With the end of the Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFEL) and the transition to 100% Federal Direct Lending, the US Department of Education has identified five federal loan servicers. The five servicers are: the Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS), Nelnet, FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA), Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc., and Sallie Mae. Federal Direct Loans will be assigned to one of these servicers. Additionally, lenders that participated in the FFEL program have sold some loan portfolios to the federal government. Students who have loans from the FFEL program can identify each loan and where the loan is serviced by going to the National Student Loan Data System at

Loan Servicing Centers for Students

Direct Loan Servicing Center

Phone: 800/848-0979

TDD/TTY: 800/848-0983

Overseas: 315/738-6634

Web site:

Department of Education Student Loan Servicing Center (ACS)

Phone: 800/508-1378

TDD/TTY: 800/662-1220 within New York State

TDD/TTY: 800/855-2880 outside New York State

Web site:

FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)

Phone: 800/699-2908

TDD/TTY: 800/722-8189

Overseas borrowers: 717-720-1985

Web site:

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.

Phone: 800/236-4300

TDD/TTY: 800/236-4300

Overseas: 608/246-1700

Web site:


Phone: 888/486-4722

TDD/TTY: 888/486-4722

Overseas: 303/696-3625

Web site:

Sallie Mae

Phone: 800/722-1300

Fax: 866/266-0178

TDD/TTY: 877/713-3833

Overseas: 254/554-4535

Web site:

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