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What are my Options?

Need to share and get the story to the right people? File anonymously and our professionals can address the situation.

If you have or know someone who has experienced an incident but you are not sure about it – connect with someone that can help.

If you or anyone else is in immediate danger, call 911 or Eastern Oregon University (EOU) Campus Security at 541.962.3911.

If you have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating or relationship violence, stalking, or sexual exploitation, the University is committed to getting you the help and support you deserve. No matter the situation, you are not to blame.

You are entitled to EOU resources within the college or the community, including

  • academic
  • employment accommodations
  • housing accommodations
  • medical care
  • emotional support
  • advocacy services

If you want to share your experience confidentially with a Privileged contact connect with one below:

Privileged Campus Advocate 541.962.3381 |

Shelter From the Storm 541.963.7226, 24/7 Hotline 541.963.9261

Student Counseling Center 541.962.3524 | 

Medical Care

If you have been physically, emotionally, or sexually assaulted, immediate medical care can be helpful for treating or preventing illness and/or injury. It is also an important way to preserve evidence to prove criminal physical or sexual assault or to obtain assistance in applying for a protection order with the local Police Department.

Contacts for medical help

  • Shelter From the Storm 541.963.7226, 24/7 Hotline 541.963.9261
  • Sexual Assault Response Team (SAFE exam) 911
  • Student Health Center 541.962.3476
  • Grande Ronde Hospital 541.963.8421

Emotional Support & Advocacy

The University provides a variety of resources within the community to support those who have been affected by physical, emotional, sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct. Assistance can include counseling and emotional support as well as assistance in living, transportation and/or working situations.

Contacts for emotional support and advocacy

  • Shelter From the Storm (confidential) 541.963.7226, 24/7 Hotline 541.963.9261
  • Privileged Campus Advocate (confidential) 541.962.3381
  • Student Counseling Center (confidential) 541.962.3524
  • EOU Employee Counseling Services (EAP)
  • Campus Advocates and Volunteers – see our page for contacts to find someone!
  • Student RA or Area Coordinator in the residence hall

File a Report

We believe it is the right of the victim of interpersonal violence to decide if they wish to report an incident, and how much information they wish to share about the incident.

Choose one or more of the following options:

  • Connect with a Privileged Campus Advocate, who is a confidential contact, to learn about options and services available to you. Campus Office at 541.962.3381 | 24/7 Hotline at 541.963.9261.
  • Police Report You can make a report with the La Grande Police Department at 541-963-1017. ¬†Even if you do not want to pursue criminal charges at this time, you can always make a police report to have this information on file. Police reports are eventually accessible by Public Records Requests.
  • Campus Security Make a report to our Campus Security at 541.962.3911.
  • Title IX Coordinator File a report with the Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Relations at 541.962.3476. If formal action not wanted, reports remain private and only shared with key University personnel unless the University must take action for reasons of safety.
  • File an Anonymous Report. Names are not required to report. This information is used for the purpose of statistical reporting when names are not provided.

Statement on retaliation

EOU prohibits retaliation against individuals who engage in reporting a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence, and/or stalking. Retaliatory behavior is regarded as additional misconduct and may lead to increased sanctions.

Department of Labor Privacy and Security Statement

Information for an Individual Accused of Sexual Misconduct

If you are accused of sexual misconduct or gender-based harassment, this is a confusing and overwhelming time. EOU provides resources to help understand the investigation process and provide support. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 541.962.3476 or

Student Resources
Student Information for reporting

College Employee Resources
EOU has resources for employees who experience sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct. Contact the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator for assistance.

Employee Information for reporting

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