Several offices at Eastern Oregon University (EOU) offer programming around the prevention of sexual misconduct and training for how to interrupt potential acts of violence.

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Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator can provide various types of programs or options for training related to Title IX. These include knowing your rights; EOU policies and procedures for handling sexual misconduct; student rights, freedoms and responsibilities; and more. The office also offers trainings in conjunction with Human Resources, for faculty and staff regarding these topics as well as the role of a responsible employee and sexual harassment in the workplace. Program requests can be made through the Title IX Coordinator at (541) 962-3476.

StudentĀ Involvement and Wellness

The Center for Student InvolvementĀ and the Wellness Program offer a range of nationally recognized educational speakers and awareness programs throughout the academic year. In addition, partnered with local community resources to provide training and education opportunities for the campus community. For a complete list of events for the term and year please contact the Center for Student Involvement (541-962-3705) or the Wellness Program (541-962-3524).

Where can I find information on how to reduce my risk of being a victim of sexual assault or stalking?

Statement on retaliation

EOU prohibits retaliation against individuals who engage in reporting a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence, and/or stalking. Retaliatory behavior is regarded as additional misconduct and may lead to increased sanctions.

Department of Labor Privacy and Security Statement