Pregnancy and Parenting Accommodations with Title IX

A guide to the rights of pregnant students of Eastern Oregon University.

  • Excused absences are required if your doctor deems them medically necessary.  This is also true if there is no leave policy for students with other conditions.
  • EOU is required to allow you to return to the same academic and co-curricular status at the beginning of the medical leave. 
  • Professors cannot refuse to accept work after the deadline if you miss during a pregnancy absence during the term.
  • EOU is required to allow you to participate in classes and co-curricular activities without a doctor’s note.  An exception in such cases is if all students are asked with physical and emotional conditions to provide a doctor’s note.
Pregnancy and Title IX Brochure

Assistance from EOU: What you need to know

  • If you need to miss finals or an extended amount of class time because of pregnancy or childbirth, contact the Title IX Coordinator/Director of Student Relations
  • The Office of Disability Services can provide reasonable accommodations regarding special furniture in your classrooms.
  • The Student Health and Counseling Center provides pregnancy tests and counseling.

Financial Aid and Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes how you will fill out your FAFSA. If you are providing at least half of your baby’s financial support, you can list them as a dependent on your FAFSA.

A child or pregnancy alone does not qualify you as an independent on your FAFSA.  You may meet other criteria as independent, such as:

  • turning 24 on December 31 of your base year
  • if you are married as of the date applying

To learn more about eligibility, contact EOU Financial Aid Office.


Spanish version of Pregnancy and Title IX

On-Campus Resources

Disability Services | Loso Hall


Student Health and Counseling

6th and L Avenue


Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Relations

Inlow Hall 113


Vice President for Student Affairs

Inlow Hall 113


Off-Campus Resources

  •  Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Food and Nutrition Services is a supplemental program designed to provide food essentials to people who are pregnant, people who have recently given birth, such as
  • milk
  • peanut butter
  • tuna
  • formula
  • eggs

For more information contact

Women, Infant and Children (WIC) 541.962.8800

Center for Human Development

1607 Gekeler Lane

La Grande, OR 97850

  • Planned Parenthood can provide pre-natal care on a sliding scale.

Walla Walla Health 866.904.7721

  • The Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency

For more information:

1607 Gekeler Lane

La Grande, OR 97850