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Your EOU Connections

Sierra Howard

EOU’s Privileged Campus Advocate

Hello! My name is Sierra Howard and I’m the Privileged Campus Advocate (PCA) at EOU. It is my passion to support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. As a Privileged Advocate our conversations are confidential so you can safely learn about options and decide what works best for your needs. Please reach out to me via email, phone, or on my instagram page @eou-pca if you have questions or want to talk about a situation confidentially.

Advocate@eou.edu | Office: 541.962.3381 | Cell: 541.910.5058

Receive assistance for

  • Emotional Support and Safety Planning
  • Systems Navigation to help you through processes in place that help keep you safe
  • Education and Information about sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking
  • Resources and referrals to partner agencies who can help

Privileged Campus Advocate

The Privileged Campus Advocate(PCA) provides confidential advocacy and support services for anyone going through dating or domestic violence, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, assault, and/or stalking. The PCA offers a safe and confidential space for survivors to receive information and resources while maintaining 100% confidentiality. The PCA can help assist navigating your options and empower you to make informed decisions. We are here to ensure you feel supported every step of the way. After an experience such as domestic violence or sexual assault, it is normal to feel confused, but please know that it is not your fault. You have options.The Privileged Campus Advocate offers the following services

Emotional Support and Safety Planning We are here to believe you and help you figure out the next steps. We want to ensure your safety, both physically and mentally.

Systems Navigation We are here to guide you through the different options available to you. A survivor may choose to make reports or request academic support arrangements with their institution, work with law enforcement, file a protective order with the court, and more.

Education and Information We are glad to provide educational and professional trainings to clubs, committees, departments, and other groups.

Resources and Referrals We advocate for a survivor’s needs – even if it is outside of our scope of work. Having great community partnerships allows us to provide outreach and find the right services for you.

During COVID-19 we are here to help! Advocate@eou.edu    541.962.3381    24/7 Hotline: 541.963.9261

Campus Advocates

Campus Advocates

  • Complete more formal training than other EOU employees.
  • Can refer victims to the Privilege Campus Advocate to address details about the incident.
  • Provide emotional support to the victim, student and staff alike.
  • Provide on and off-campus resource options to the victim.
  • Assist the victim in navigating the EOU Title IX process.
  • May accompany victim (at the victim’s discretion) to interviews, medical appointments, counseling sessions, etc.
  • Refer sexual assault victim to the Union County SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) for legal and necessary medical care.

As a Responsible Employee

  • Submits all information shared by victim to the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Confirms that an incident has occurred to the Title IX Coordinator.

Our Current Campus Advocates


Campus Volunteers

  • Comprise of students and EOU employees.
  • Complete formal training from the Privileged Campus Advocate
  • Are knowledgeable about the basics of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  • Provide emotional support to the victim.
  • Can refer victims to the Privileged Campus Advocate for assistance in the details about the incident with obligation to report details as a Responsible Employee. Responsible Employees are required to report to the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Can accompany a survivor to the Privileged Campus Advocate office and serve as a support person.

Other options available in the La Grande Community

Attendees may further their training  to assist with crisis hotline, food bank, job shadowing, and more.

How to become a volunteer

Become a volunteer and stand with others against Sexual Assault. Connect with our Privileged Campus Advocate or Title IX Coordinator to learn more. #ItsUpToUs

It is Not Your Fault

No one deserves to be violated sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally, or by other means. Your age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or status do not matter. It does not matter what you said, where you were, what you were wearing or how you came off.