Undergraduate Education – Teacher Licensure

ED 130 Cultural Differences in American Education
ED 361 Foundations of Second Language Education
ED 421 Second Language Acquisition and ESOL Strategies
ED 421L ESOL Practicum I
ED 462 Language and Cognition in Second Language Learners
ED 479 ESOL Practicum II
EDU 307 Literature in the Literacy Program
EDU 309A Introductory Field Experience
EDU 309B Year One Fall Field Experience
EDU 309C Year One Spring Field Experience
EDU 311 Teaching as a Profession
EDU 312 Classroom Management I
EDU 313 Development and Individual Differences
EDU 314 Introduction to Elementary Literacy
EDU 315 Educational Technology
EDU 316 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment I
EDU 317 Elementary Science Methods
EDU 318 Early Literacy Methods: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
EDU 319 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment II
EDU 320 Exceptionalities
EDU 321 Elementary STEM Methods
EDU 322 Elementary Reading Methods: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
EDU 401 Cultural Diversity Applications
EDU 407A Student Teaching Seminar I
EDU 407B Student Teaching Seminar II
EDU 409A Year Two Managing the Classroom for Effective Learning
EDU 409B Year Two Fall Field Experience
EDU 409C Year Two Winter Field Experience
EDU 411 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment III
EDU 412 Elementary Writing Methods, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
EDU 413 Elementary Physical Education & Health Methods
EDU 414 Elementary Arts Methods
EDU 415 Elementary Social Science Methods
EDU 416 Classroom Management
EDU 417A Student Teaching I
EDU 417B Spring Student Teaching II

MTHE 323 Elementary Mathematics Methods
MTHE 333 Mathematics in the Elementary School, ELE