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On-Campus Advising FAQs

General Information

How to declare or change your major?

Contact your current Advisor

 How do I get an Academic Advisor?

On-campus admitted students are assigned to an Academic Advisor, based on their currently declared major, within five (5) business days of being admitted to EOU. 

  • To access this information, sign in to your EOU Portal; go to MountieHub, “Student Services,” then select “Student Information”
  • Note: If you have not attended EOU in the last three terms, advisor information will not be updated until you have completed a Returning Student Online Application and allowed five (5) business days for processing.


Do I need to take the Accuplacer?

Why do I need to take the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer exam assists Advisors in correctly placing students into Math and Writing courses. Without this, students could potentially be placed into courses that are too far above or below them, both resulting in the student taking a course they may not be ready for or need. https://www.eou.edu/testing/accuplacer-2/ 

How do I schedule my Accuplacer test?

Who do I speak with about my Accuplacer scores and/or questions about the exams?

Always speak with your Primary Academic Advisor


Do I need to submit my final High School transcripts if I am a transfer student?

Students with less than 72 quarter/60 semester transferable college credits must submit their high school transcript

Do my High School transcripts work to show proof of college credit courses I have taken?

No – official transcripts need to be sent to the EOU Admissions office, directly from the institution in which you received credit from

Do I have to send in transcripts for previous college courses I have taken, even if I didn’t do well in them?

Yes! EOU is required to report all credits that a student has taken. In the event that you were to not report previous college credits you had taken, you would be going against EOU’s Academic Honesty code; at which point it would become a Student Code of Conduct violation. Likewise, the Admissions office can rescind your admissions to EOU in these situations. 


I’m on the Waitlist (WL) for a course – what now? 

If a seat opens up in the course you are Waitlisted for, the Registrar’s office will email you and give you 24 hours to go in and officially register for the course through your College Scheduler. 

I am not seeing any available sections/seats in a course I want to register for – what is wrong?

The course is full and no longer has seats available for that term

How do I add, drop, or withdraw from a course?


I’m having trouble accessing my EOU Technology