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Student Technology Introduction

Now that you’re enrolled at EOU, you will be assigned an EOU Mountie-Pass account that gives you access to services like EOU e-mail, campus wifi, Mountie Hub, Canvas, etc. You should have received this information from the personal email account that you listed in the application when applying for EOU. If you haven’t received an email with this information, please contact the EOU IT Help Desk at 541.962.3111 or at helpdesk@eou.edu so we can assist you with this. The EOU IT Help Desk is located on the Southside of the second floor of Ackerman Hall in Room 209

Access your EOU email, campus wireless internet, Mountie Hub, and Canvas accounts with the same username and password. Mountie Pass is your one-stop-shop for updating them all at once!

Click here to go to the my.EOU OneLogin Portal.

Check and respond to messages regularly – even before classes begin – so you don’t miss a thing.

Click here to go to the my.EOU OneLogin Portal to access your EOU email.

View and update your personal information, add or drop courses, view academic records and financial aid, and find out who your academic advisor is.

Click here to go to the my.EOU OneLogin Portal to access Mountie Hub.

After registering for classes, you should be able to access Canvas two weeks prior to the start of the term you’re enrolled in. You will use Canvas to view your grades, the course syllab, other classroom assignments and documentation.

Click here to go to the my.EOU OneLogin Portal to access Canvas.

Navigate is a student application that shows college students all the important things they need to do in one easy-to-view path. Navigate also helps students to find resources on campus and communicate with their advisors.

Click here to go to the my.EOU OneLogin Portal to access Navigate.

Download Navigate Student on your Android mobile device.

Download Navigate Student on your Apple mobile device.

Secure and fully encrypted wireless internet is provided in all academic buildings and residence halls.

Click here for additional wireless internet information.

Complete this form to get your EOU Student ID Card to use for access to the Residence Halls, Library, and Fitness Center along with using it for your dining plans and for checking out materials in the library.

Visit the EOU Support Portal to be able to connect with the EOU IT Help Desk, check out the EOU knowledge base, and follow the EOU IT status page.

All currently enrolled EOU students have online access to Microsoft Office 365.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available for students. Visit the Adobe Creative Cloud Registration form to request access for the academic year.

Please visit the new student checklist on our Admissions page by clicking here!