AV Rates and Policies


Who may Use AV services?

Audio/Visual equipment is here for the use of Faculty, Staff, and Students. Faculty and Staff may check out equipment directly, but students may check out equipment only with the authorization of a Faculty member.

The Faculty member must provide authorization information, the student’s name, and an Index code for possible billing requirements. This information can be provided by email or in writing.

Off-campus groups meeting on-campus may use A/V gear but must make arrangements with the Office of Facilities Scheduling at 541-962-3575

What we need to schedule equipment for you:

  1. Professor’s or Staff member’s name
  2. Index code for billing
  3. Date and time (start and end times)
  4. Location – building and room number
  5. The equipment you need
  6. Submit AV ticket

Any other information we may need to assist you, e.g. if you need instruction or assistance with any of the equipment, or if we need to coordinate with other departments for setups and pickups and so on, will be needed at this time.

Lack of any of this information may prevent us from being able to provide the service you request.

We cannot guarantee that any request made less than 2 business days in advance can be accomplished. Please plan your event and other AV needs well in advance to ensure a successful event.


Audio/Visual is largely funded by charging fees for service. These rates are published in accordance with legal requirements and are updated annually.

New rates for new services may be added during the fiscal year and will become part of the published fees as a part of the update process each fiscal year.

Without sufficient prior arrangement, a minimum of two full business days before the day of your event, we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your request. Events frequently require changing staff schedules. Please plan far enough ahead to make your event a success, and reduce charges for labor and overtime.

Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2024

A/V Item

On-Campus Rates

Off-Campus Rates (Non-Profit)

Off-Campus Rates (Profit)

Audio Engineer$50$75$100
Zoom Webinar$50$70$100
ScreenGeneral Setup*$10$20
Webcam/MicrophoneGeneral Setup*$10$20
Tape RecorderGeneral Setup*$10$20
Digital Voice RecorderGeneral Setup*$20$40
Hoke 339 PA System$15$30$40
Outside PA system (2 speakers + 1 Mic)$25$50$100
Additional Wired Mics$5$10$20
Wireless Mics$10$15$20
Stadium PA (up to 4 mics)$40$100$200
Powered Podium (Hoke)General Setup*$15$30
LCD TVGeneral Setup*$20$40
Small Speaker
General Setup*$10$20
Cart/CordsGeneral Setup*$15$25
Owl Conference Camera (half day)$20$50$100
Owl Conference Camera (full day)$30$50$100
Data Projector (half day)$20$50$100
Data Projector (full day)$30$50$100
Laptops (half day)$20$50$100
Laptops (full day)$30$50$100
Overtime ChargeSee Operator Fee BelowSee Operator Fee BelowSee Operator Fee Below
Operator Fee$35 8am-5pm, $50 after hours and weekends$55 8am-5pm, $65 after hours and weekends$60 8am-5pm, $75 after hours and weekends
Smart ClassroomFree$100$200

* General Setup means the price is only available for on-campus users.  For on-campus users, a GS item can be grouped together (up to four items) for no extra charge.  If the AV department has to set these items up then there will be a single charge of $8 (on-campus – off-campus nonprofit =$10, commercial =$20).  If on-campus users wish to pick a general setup item up then there is no charge for the user.

Administrative Charge

For any labor beyond, before, or after normal hours (8a-5p, Monday-Friday): extra setup/event requirements, last minute* changes/additions, coordination of sites, testing, training, processing, printing, phone calls, travel, off-campus site usage, or other reasons; may be charged in addition to other listed charges, at Audio/Visual’s discretion, for any AV, or IT services/facilities/events – varies with request – $10 minimum. (* ”last minute” means less than 2 full business days before the day of your event.) Overtime fees are charged after normal hours (above) and on weekends. Admin charges are in addition to those fees.

One standard Admin fee is to double fees for “last minute”* (see above) requests.

When facility time is requested for an event, the associated block of time is reserved solely for that event and the event requester will be charged accordingly. If the event is canceled, a cancellation fee may be charged to the event requester. Any additional fees required by other sites/services scheduled for the event will also be included in the total charged to the requester. No-shows, cancellations without notification, or cancellations without sufficient notification time to adjust work schedules, will incur additional charges, and/or be billed out at the full rate for requested service.

EOU Audio Visual will make every effort to ensure that a video broadcast is of the highest quality, however, we cannot guarantee the performance of other sites and networks. EOU’s liability in the event of a site or network malfunction affecting a conference will be limited to providing reasonable access to digital file copies of the event if the event originates and is being recorded at an EOU facility.

No charge “room use only” reservations for on-campus entities may be scheduled upon room availability. “Room use only” requires no equipment use and/or tech assistance. Paid facilities reservations will be given priority over no-charge “room use only” reservations.

No charge on-campus rates may not apply to off-campus groups/organizations/agencies/people who use on-campus personnel to “host” or “sponsor” an event. Rates charged in such instances will be subject to a case by case assessment, taking into account the off-campus entity’s status (profit, non-profit, campus supporter/donor, etc.), as determined by AV/IT.

EOU Audio Visual/IT Technician rate charge for services (including but not limited to, consulting and installation) performed outside the normal operation of the EOU studio facilities for on-campus requests, will be charged at Tech rates from the above chart or an Administrative Charge determined by the nature of the request, at the determination of Audio Visual.

Livestream Rates

Audio / Visual now has portable broadcasting studios available for events around campus. Using EOU’s Broadcast Channel, Audio / Visual can assist you in broadcasting any event that you want to be made available to stream online.

Livestream Event Fees on campus include the following:

  • Livestream Fee
  • Technician Time: See operator rates above (this includes a technician to be onsite controlling the camera and somebody available for troubleshooting if issues arise during the broadcast to ensure you have a successful event)
  • Equipment Costs: this will include the microphones and whatever else is needed to ensure your event runs

Contact us at av@eou.edu for a quote or to schedule your next event!