Placement for Mathematics and Writing at EOU

Eastern Oregon University uses a computerized placement tool called Accuplacer as one method for identifying the mathematics and writing courses that are the best fit for you!  All incoming students who have not earned college credit for Writing and Math will need to complete the Accuplacer or connect with their Academic Advisor for more information.

Remember to talk to your academic advisor! Your academic advisor will be able to explain your placement needs, and be able to answer any questions that you have regarding placement.

Scheduling the Assessment

  • Set up a time to take the Accuplacer on EOU campus by calling the EOU Testing Center  at 541-962-3788, or e-mail
  • You may be able to arrange to take the Accuplacer at your local high school, library, community college, or an EOU Center near you. Please e-mail the Testing Center with your zip code to receive a list of approved proctors in your vicinity, or you may submit the required contact information for a proctor candidate of your choice by clicking here.
  • If you are taking the Accuplacer off campus and have an approved proctor ready to give your test, then fill out and submit this form by clicking here so we can send your proctor the testing instructions.
  • You may also take your Accuplacer via ProctorU.  Visit the ProctorU web page to build your student file, schedule your Accuplacer assessment, and purchase the session for $25 (requires 48-hour advance notice or additional fess apply).
  • We recommend you view sample questions, provided by the College Board, prior to your scheduled test appointment.  Accuplacer now offers a Web-Based Study App enabling you to practice and sharpen your knowledge in the Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College-Level Math, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills fields.

Taking Accuplacer

  • Your proctor will access the placement tool at
  • When filling out the online Accuplacer form, please use capital letters for the first letter of your first and last name. If you have not been assigned an EOU 910- student identification number, please use your social security number without dashes or spaces.
  • Use of notes, books and calculators is not allowed during the assessment; scratch paper and pencil are allowed. Some math questions may include an on-screen calculator for your use. There is no time limit; the average time used is 1.5 hours.
  • First-time freshmen may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer if they have earned Smarter-Balanced test scores in Math or Writing with a 3 or higher, and passed required courses in grade 12.  Students must enroll directly into post-secondary programs to take advantage of the exemption. Students must then take a Math or Writing course in the first academic year upon entering a post-secondary institution to retain the exemption from placement testing.

SAT and ACT Testing on campus

Freshmen starting at EOU must submit a SAT or ACT test score to be eligible for most scholarships.  EOU Testing Center offers the option to sit for either test if a student cannot complete his or her test before starting at EOU.

Follow-Up With Your Advisor

  • Your Accuplacer scores will be shared with you during your advising appointment.
  • Scores do not appear on your transcript. The primary purpose of Accuplacer is to help identify EOU math and writing classes in which you are likely to be most successful!