Programs & Services


Programs & Services

The Multicultural Center develops and delivers programs and services that will enable students of color to be successful as they pursue their academic goals. The Center also provides a safe place for all students to learn, grow and engage in social and cultural activities and dialogues that encourage critical thinking and empowers students to grow beyond their personal barriers in order to strengthen their understanding of diversity, equity and social responsibility.

Academic Support

The Multicultural Center works to support students by closely monitoring their academic progress, offering individualized support and connecting them to resources that will ensure they are in good academic standing.

Diversity Excellence Mentor Program

The Diversity Excellence Mentoring Program is a collaborative programs through the Multicultural Center the Student Council for Multicultural Affairs. The Multicultural Center professional staff provides a range of administrative, advising, and support services to the mentors as well as the mentees. Peer mentors help their mentees attain access to academic resources, provide a range of support and referral services in the office, the one role and responsibility and commitment that all of us share is to serve as mentors to multicultural students.

Learn more and apply to participate here >>

Celebrate, Educate & Appreciate Diversity (CEAD) Conference

A premier diversity program, the CEAD provide an space for students to learn from others, whose backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives are different from their own, to gain a broader understanding of differences, promote personal growth and skills that encourage critical thinking and transform the challenges of diversity into opportunities as well as increase participants understanding of power, privilege, biases, and stereotypes and how dimensions impact their interactions and perceptions of diversity. Learn more about the CEAD Conference >>

Tunnel of Oppression

A premier spring term event, the Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive experience, where participants walk through different rooms designed to showcase different oppressive actions/reactions towards marginalized groups. Learn more about the Tunnel of Oppression event >>

SAFE Zone program

The EOU SAFE Zone program is a network of allies composed of students, faculty and staff who are committed and trained to provide safe, non-judgmental, and supportive contacts for all EOU community members who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender. View more about SAFE Zone Program >>

Diversity Scholarship Program

EOU values the diversity that students bring to campus to enrich and add to the overall quality of the campus and learning environment. We are committed to providing qualified students with financial incentives as they strive to succeed in a challenging academic environment.  More information on the Diversity Scholarship Program >>

Multicultural Graduation Celebration

This is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of our underrepresented and international graduates. It provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and families to recognize the achievements and contributions of our graduates and a chance to wish them well in their future endeavors.

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