Academic Support Services


The Multicultural Center works to support students by closely monitoring their academic progress, offering individualized support and connecting them to resources that will ensure they are in good academic standing.

Eligibility Criteria:

The MC services are an opt-in service where a student who needs assistance can come and request additional support and advocacy assistance. A student interested in receiving support should qualify under at least 2 of the criteria listed below:

  • First generation (neither parent graduated from a four year college)
  • Low income (as defined by the office of Financial Aid)
  • Culturally underrepresented /Historically marginalized population
  • Interested applicants who do not meet the admissible criteria are welcome to apply and will be considered as space becomes available.

What can the MC do for you?

  • Secondary Academic Advising and Support
  • Personal Guidance and Advocacy
  • Cultural Transition support
  • Study Space
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Referrals to University and Community Resources
  • Cultural/Social Activities & Events
  • Graduation Celebrations and Student Recognition
  • Scholarship, Internship, jobs and Graduate School Information
  • A Supportive Community Dedicated to Helping You Succeed!